Tech startup bridging information gap with the launch of innovative box

Innovative tech startup, Hydrac Box, launches the Hydrac Box Mobile Server to empower the next digital generation in developing countries through open source technologies

Hydrac Box is a Hydrac Tech Social Company that is poised with using open source technologies to building solutions that would empower the next digital generation in developing countries. The innovative tech startup has partnered with several international organizations including Openculture Agency, creating a custom version that allows their information to be used offline while also giving users access to a wide range of educational resources from other partners.

The internet has been described by many as one of man’s greatest invention, allowing millions of people anywhere in the world to access several resources as long as they have an internet-enabled device. While the popularity and accessibility of the internet have increased over the years, millions of people particularly school children in developing countries do not enjoy the benefits of the internet. Consequently, such students lag behind and experience knowledge gap compared to their counterparts in other parts of the world. This is where Hydrac Box is looking to change the narrative by giving students in developing countries access to quality and up to date resources even without internet connection.

The amazing box is designed to provide users with access to skills and knowledge in the form of multi-functional Open Tech Emergency Cases which gives rural and urban innovators a new point of entrance to key skills. The device is easy to use and connects to up to 25 devices; allowing users to surf various resources and apps individually just like the internet, but offline.

Some of the other unique features of the box include an easy connection to multi devices including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and computers, efficient battery with up to 15-hour battery life, external connection to USB and other such storage devices, as well as quick set-up and easy usage.

Hyrac Box is currently working with the lead partner, Openculture Agency, in Kenya, Uganda, and Sudan, with the aim of providing them with the necessary tools to empower more people around the world in line with the goal of the startup. The company has already been able to make a positive impact in Ghana, Kenya, and South Sudan.

More information about Hyrac Box can be found on their website.

About Hydrac Box

Hydrac Box is an innovative startup founded by 3 Kenyans – Joshua Kanani, Steve Aura, and Helen Kimaru in 2017. The goal of the founders of the company is to build solutions that would empower the next digital generation in developing countries.

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