As an animated version of the classic Dickens’ tale, ‘BRER RABBIT’S CHRISTMAS CAROL’ is the perfect holiday film for children and adults alike.

Los Angeles, CA – December 18, 2018 – Right around this time 26 years ago, the animated, holiday favorite, ‘BRER RABBIT’S CHRISTMAS CAROL’ was released.

Back on silver screens for Christmas 2018, DarkCocast presents the re-release of BRER RABBIT’S CHRISTMAS CAROL for animated holiday fun to watch today on Fandango:

“This cartoon is clever and works some interesting changes on the basic plot, but it is mainly for children. Did that stop me from enjoying it? Heck, no. And there is a very nice song played and sung over the closing credits: ‘It’s Christmas in the Forest’,” wrote Bickering Critics.

From writer-directors, Al Guest and Jean Mathieson, best known for one-hour specials based on classic books – like Oliver Twist (BBC), Ben-Hur (Syndication), Les Miserables (HBO) and A Tale of Two Cities (Syndication) – is the animated holiday short, BRER RABBIT’S CHRISTMAS CAROL, based off the classic tale, “A Christmas Carol”. 

Released almost to-date in 1992, BRER RABBIT’S CHRISTMAS CAROL is noted for being based on works by Joel Chandler Harris and Charles Dickens. The animated tale follows the character of Brer Rabbit (Christopher Corey Smith), who learns of Brer Fox’s evil plan to evict Brer Brer on Christmas day. Deciding to teach the fox a lesson, Brer Rabbit persuades the townspeople to stage their own version of “A Christmas Carol”, and successfully tricks Brer Fox into thinking that the ghost of his friend, Brer Wolf, has returned.

Returning from the dead, the ghost of Brer Wolf warns the fox to reform his mischievous and miserly ways. But when the ghost shows Brer Fox a vision of his past, present and future miserable Christmases, the fox becomes so terrified, vowing to change his ways. By the end, Brer Fox throws a big Christmas party for the whole town, knowing from here on out, he won’t be on Santa’s naughty list ever again.

BRER RABBIT’S CHRISTMAS CAROL is my favorite out of all the versions which present A Christmas Carol as the framework of a Mission Impossible/ Leverage ‘con job’ to make a greedy character change their ways,” continued the source, referencing the villainous Brer Rabbit, who mirrors the classic’s character, Scrooge.

Now available on various VOD platforms for this holiday season, watch BRER RABBIT’S CHRISTMAS CAROL for kids and adults alike on streaming VOD platforms (Sling, Fandango, GooglePlay, iTunes, Vimeo On Demand, FlixFing and Dish). Watch the trailer here:

BRER RABBIT’S CHRISTMAS CAROL stars the voiceovers of Christopher Corey Smith (Lego Batman, DC Superheroes), David Knell (Splash), Ginny Tyler (Dr. Dolittle, The Sword in the Stone) and Tom Hill (Brer Rabbit Tales).

BRER RABBIT’S CHRISTMAS CAROL (1992, 58 min.) Written and directed by: Al Guest and Jean Mathieson. Produced by: Al Guest, Jean Mathieson, Felicimo Reyes, Michael S. Smith. Film editing by: Al Guest, Reggie Lawless, Lesley Mathieson. Original music by: David Siebels, Joey D. Vieira. USA/Ireland, English. Magic Shadows, DarkCoast.

Produced by: Magic Shadows.

MPAA rating: Not rated.

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