ONEW Brings Peel and Stick Adhesive Canvas & Backlit Glass Film to Meet People’s Complete Home Decoration Needs

The peel and stick adhesive canvas is ideal for wall applications, while the backlit glass film can be used for the window graphics.

Shanghai ONEW New Material Co., Ltd endeavors to offer a complete solution, when it comes to decorating a home or a building. The company offers printable wallpapers that can easily be installed on a wall surface to change its looks and beauty. At the same time, the clear glass film introduced by them could be used as interior or exterior window graphic application.

According to the spokesperson of the company, the peel and stick adhesive canvas is a simple and easy to use solution for people who are looking for a quick and reliable way to improve the decorative value of their walls. The canvas has an adhesive based back surface. One just needs to peel off the paper of the back surface, so that the adhesive part is exposed and which can be affixed to the wall. The spokesperson reveals that it is a long lasting solution, as the self adhesive canvas is durable with a high resistance against chemical reactions and environmental elements. With a good dimensional stability, the wallpaper never leaves the surface, unless it is removed intentionally to replace with new wallpaper. According to the spokesperson, the wallpaper is easily removable from the surface, and there won’t be any mark of the adhesive on the surface.

ONEW Brings Peel and Stick Adhesive Canvas & Backlit Glass Film to Meet People’s Complete Home Decoration Needs

The company also brings the paperback PVC wallpaper, which features deep grain and high foaming. With the element of PVC in the wallpaper, it is a bit fluffy and will offer a perfect choice for wall coverings in restaurants, lounges and other places. Designed specifically for wall graphics, the wallpaper is highly durable, tough and can withstand acid reactions. The printable sand textured wallpaper is available in a variety of styles. The spokesperson reveals that this PVC wallpaper is also easy to install, and one can easily install it without any help. Its eco-friendly PVC coating and the use of eco-solvent ink makes it an environment-friendly product, which every customer will always appreciate about.

Besides wallpapers and canvases for wall applications, ONEW also offers the backlit glass film, which is suitable for premium window graphics. This translucent film comes with the innovative cling technology and never requires any adhesive to cling on a surface. Besides, window graphics, the glass film can also be used for sign making and printing. This PET film comes with a silicone based suction layer, and is suitable for both external and internal window applications. Besides the glass surface, the film can also cling on varnished wood, stainless steel and other smooth surfaces. The spokesperson reveals that the film is designed for the long-term use with around 80% glossy finish and a transmittance of 92% and more. The film has a shelf-life of one year and can be removed in one year or so.

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Established in the year 2001, Shanghai ONEW New Material Co., Ltd (ONEW) has developed into an integrated enterprise, specialized in R&D, manufacture and marketing & sales of digital printing media, especially printable wallpapers and wall fabric materials. The company’s main products include Non Woven Wallpaper, Self Adhesive Non Woven Wallpaper, Self Adhesive Fabric, Paperback PVC High Foaming Textured Wallpaper, Composite Wallpaper, Whiteboard Sticker, Glass Sticker, etc.

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