Wuxi Xingsheng Special Steel Co.,Ltd Announces to Supply AISI Grade Steel Alloy Round Bars With High Strength & Heat Treatment Abilities

Wuxi Xingsheng Special Steel Co.,Ltd supplies steel alloy round bars with good mechanical characteristics and toughness that are suitable for a variety of applications.

With a significant profile of AISI grade steel products, Wuxi Xingsheng Special Steel Co.,Ltd can meet the demands of various industries. The company is a leading supplier of steel round bars and steel forged round bars that feature a high impact resistance to be used in heavy duty applications. These round bars have excellent toughness and can be heat treated to be used in a particular application.

Forging round bar

The company spokesperson states that one can check their product portfolio that brings different types of round bars. For example, they have the DIN 1.2714 round bar that exhibit an outstanding resistance to thermal shocks and heat cracking. These round bars feature very good toughness in extreme temperature conditions and has an excellent resistance against tampering. The round bars achieve their toughness because of the presence of Cr-Ni-Mo-V elements in the high-graded alloy. Due to the product’s high wear resistance and excellent toughness and hardness, it is ideal for close die forgings. The typical applications of these round bars include clutch parts, forming dies, brake dies, drift pins, hand stamps and various machine parts.

Besides, one can also check the specification of the DIN 1.6582 round bar, which is a low alloy steel which contains chromium (Cr), molybdenum (Mo) and nickel (Ni) as strengthening agents. These round bars are well known for their toughness and high strength, and can develop an excellent strength in heat treated conditions. With a good hardening ability, the steel alloy bar can retain significant fatigue strength. However, these bars have poor welding ability, and in most of the applications, it is hardened and tempered before using into the application. The steel round bar is usually used to manufacture the kind of tools that require an outstanding plasticity and good strength. It is largely used to manufacture important machinery parts, such as axles, turbines, blades, crankshafts, transmission parts etc of heavy machines.

The company also specializes in supplying the DIN 1.1191 forged round bar, which may contain up to 0.5% carbon. This medium carbon steel has excellent welding abilities and machining abilities. With high strength, these forged round bars showcases outstanding impact properties. Due to the lack of appropriate alloying elements, it has a low hardening ability. These forged bars are generally supplied either in black hot forged conditions or normalized conditions. With a significant tensile strength and surface hardness, the bars are widely used in industries that need to process steel bars with great wear resistance. With flames and induction hardening, these bars can achieve very high strength and are suitable for making bolts, connecting rods, hydraulic clamps, shafts and other items.

One can check the complete details of the steel bars the company supplies by visiting their website http://www.round-bars.com/.

About Wuxi Xingsheng Special Steel Co.,Ltd.

Wuxi Xingsheng Special Steel Co.,Ltd was established in 1998. The company focuses on forging for more than 20 years and only supplies steel products with high strength and great forging abilities. They have a wealth of experience and knowledge. Now for more than 20 years of development, the company has become one of the leading special steel manufacturers, suppliers and exporters.

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