Guangzhou KSmart Parking Co., Ltd Introduces Efficient & Sturdy Parking Payment Machine To Be Used In On-Street Parking Facilities

For an efficient traffic and mobility management, Guangzhou KSmart Parking Co., Ltd offers different types of parking solutions, including the parking payment machine, the parking lock and the parking lot sensor.

With the growing number of vehicles in cities, the need of efficient traffic and parking management has become more and more important today. Guangzhou KSmart Parking Co., Ltd is a company that believes in smart parking management technologies and comes up with intelligent solutions that can help in both on-street and off-street parking facility management.

Guangzhou KSmart Parking Co., Ltd Announces Smart Parking Solution To Make Parking Convenient & Safe For Everyone

The parking payment machine or the parking meterintroduced by the company can be used by the municipalities to enforce an on-street parking policy and can also be useful in managing traffic and mobility on the streets of a city. The device can be used for collecting money for allowing people to park their vehicles on the streets for a certain period of time. This system can calculate the amount one has to pay for parking a vehicle for a specific amount of time and it can also help in the revenue generation for municipality authorities. According to the spokesperson of the company, the machine is designed to work on low power consumption and can work for several years without a need of recharging the battery. The machine is waterproof, dust-proof and sturdy and can withstand all environmental elements, such as rain, dust and sunrays.

Besides the parking meter, the company has others important parking management tools, such as the parking lot sensor. The sensor has been designed to provide full and real-time information about the occupancy of a parking space, and can guide drivers to quickly find an unoccupied parking space for their vehicle. The sensor is powered by high-capacity batteries for its flawless performance for long service life. It requires low maintenance and is easy to install. Due to its wireless installation, there is hardly any need of civil works in the parking facility. The spokesperson reveals that the sensor features a robust construction and ensures protection against any kind of vandalism and accidental damage. The sensor has been designed to take the best advantage of the available parking space and can ensure detection with a very high accuracy of up to 99.5%.

Guangzhou KSmart Parking Co., Ltd Announces Smart Parking Solution To Make Parking Convenient & Safe For Everyone

The company’s LoRa parking reservation lock is another outstanding product that can be used for restricting unauthorized parkers from parking their vehicles in a given parking space. Installed in the front parking bay, the lock can block the space so that one cannot park his vehicle there. It comes with a built-in vehicle detector that can monitor the occupancy status in real time. There are 2 ways of wirelss communication, one is LORA, the other is NB-IOT. The company can provide parking reservation lock, gateway and API for your integration and development of backend system and APP.  The lock can also be controlled remotely through multiple ways, such as Bluetooth, mobile application and backend control.

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