Funniest Battles With Squirrels Caught on Reolink Camera: Keep Them Out of Bird Feeders

Hong Kong – December 19, 2018 – A genius YouTuber shared 2 funny videos about how he battled with the naughty squirrels to keep them out of bird feeders.

According to the YouTuber, the squirrels have become very fat since they often steal the food from the bird feeders (guess the birds are starving). So he decided to figure out some novel ways to keep the greedy squirrels out of the bird feeders.

The YouTuber used a Reolink camera to record the 2 battles so that his fans can get some insights on defeating the squirrels.

Battle 1. Use PAM to Make the Squirrels Do Pole Dancing Show

The genius sprayed PAM to the pole, making the pole super smooth like fish’s skin. The poor squirrel kept climbing the pole, aiming to reach the food in the bird feeder. But it kept slipping from the pole after spraying more PAM.

Check the pole dancing show here (plus scary background music):

The tenacious squirrel kept its performance, but in the end, dang squirrel was defeated by the PAM.

Battle 2. Use Teeter-Totter-Go-Round Seasaws to Put Bird Food

That’s a creative way to keep the fat and naughty squirrel away from the bird feeder.

Watch the exceptional way to see how rotating seasaws scared squirrels off here:

Instead of using normal bird feeders, the YouTuber put the bird food on the board of the seasaws.

In the video, the squirrel noticed its dreaming food on the board and jumped to the seasaws, but it was scared off by the sudden rotation of the seasaws. Its funny reactions all caught by the camera.

After several trials, the squirrel reached the food but just took a little food. It seemed to be still quite afraid of the rotating “buffet”.

The YouTuber would share more videos about funny squirrels (typically the videos are about how to make the cute animals frustrated).

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