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“A unique lamp with a magnetic, midair switch.”
This awarding winning RedDot Award of 2016, Heng Balance Lamp brings a new era of innovation to lighting. The unique magnetic spheres connect in mid-air and remain suspended. Illuminate any room with a soft warm glow that lights up the space with a sense of delight. The Heng Lamp Balance is perfect for your bedside light or office desk. Lights up any room with an inviting glow.

A New Way to Interact with Light

Allocacoc, designers of the PowerCube, continue to bring innovative products to market with their most recent creation the Heng Balance Lamp. Traditional lights have a simple on off switch while this fixture appears to be activated as if by magic. Upon connecting the lower sphere to the upper hanging sphere, embedded magnets pull them together, turning the light on. It isn’t sorcery but ingenious design.

The mid-air switch isn’t the only unique feature of this Red Dot Award winner. The Heng Balance Lamp is powered through a USB cable. Household lamps are tied to power outlets. By using USB, the Heng Balance Lamp can be powered with a laptop, television, gaming console, and even a router. Connect it to a power bank and you have a portable light source.

“Heng” means balance in Chinese and is the inspiration behind the lamp. With its spheres hanging in harmony this fixture provides warm light creating visual balance in any room.

With the Heng Balance Lamp Allocacoc has created an original light that truly is “a different standard.”

About Allocacoc

Allocacoc is a privately held industrial design corporation with its North American headquarters located in Costa Mesa, CA. The company was founded by Yixia Jiang and Arther Limpens in 2010 with a focus on improving the design of every day products. Their flagship product, the PowerCube was released in 2011 and is now sold worldwide. In 2016 Allocacoc established DesignNest to assist product innovators in bringing their concepts to market.

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