Agen Bola Online Updates Match Prediction Algorithms To Include More Variables Than Ever

Agen Bola Online has overhauled their match prediction algorithms once again having tested numerous variations for accuracy over the previous season, to get people even better score predictions.

Many people want to support their team to the extent that they themselves can share in their fortune and glory, placing bets on their victory and the particulars of the scoreline for cash rewards if they get it right. Doing so is notoriously difficult however so many people look for other ways to find an edge. is a website that specializes in helping people find places to bet on games, and also has a match score prediction service that has been previously claimed to be 75% accurate. They have now abandoned such a figure because they have updated their algorithms to shoot for even higher figures in the new season.

The new algorithms not only take into account the player positions and that player’s own vital statistics but the interaction of those vital statistics between one another, their historical performance against the team they are facing, the stakes of the game and more to determine performance.

Where the new updates come in is increasingly making intangibles tangible- obvious things like home field advantage are augmented with things like atmospherics, wind direction and speed, playing field orientation, sun angle and more to create tiny variances in probability which nevertheless aggregate to significant changes, making this the most accurate modeling yet.

A spokesperson for Agen Bola Online explained, “We are thrilled with the results we have seen from the theoretical modeling of the new algorithms. With unbiased input of raw data from the games of the previous season we were able to refine our algorithm to predict the result with an even higher level of accuracy that until it is confirmed with live results will remain undisclosed. The new algorithm is however extremely promising, and we look forward to helping more people win even more this coming season.”

About Agen Bola Online:

Agen Bola Online is a well respected score prediction website that combines top level predictions with an in-house control panel allowing users to place and manage bets on multiple online casinos for the best chance of maximizing winnings, and all for a small commission. The site is regularly updated with highly accurate predictions for the latest games in multiple sports.

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