In order to be irreplaceable one must be different all the time, Da Vinci Waist Watches of VIXA is coming on stage

The VIXA Da Vinci wristwatches are inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s works “Homo Vitruvianus” and the cryptex. The perfect proportion of human body and golden section, along with the sleek and elegant cryptex, are exactly the commonality between the VIXA brand and the genius of Leonardo da Vinci.

Unlike traditional watches, which feature its 2- or 3-layer structure, the Da Vinci collection boasts a 6-layer structure that makes the wristwatch unique and distinct. Besides, a wristwatch contains more than 200 spare parts, which show the top-notch brand’s grandeur image both in the production process and from the finished products.

The VIXA Da Vinci wristwatches will bring a new definition to elaboration. In order to infinitely approach the soul of Leonardo da Vinci, the VIXA Da Vinci collection has its watches’ entire body fire-drawn rosy gold, manifesting a simple fashion and elegant. The color arrangement displays VIXA’s pursuit of ultimate perfection, which is indeed the true reflection of the German craftsman spirit.


VIXA watches offical offer two configurations, the advanced configuration has been limited sale in Europe and USA. The official site public price is 2350 Euro.

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