Mother of 6th-Grader Who Left the Note in the Buffalo NY Hit-and-Run Speaks Out

The mother of Ziarra Griffin, the now-famous 6th grader who left a note to the victim of a hit-and-run, speaks out about her daughter.

Ziarra Griffin is the 6th grader who left an anonymous note to the victim of a hit-and-run by her school bus that she witnessed moments after getting off at her bus stop, and her mother claims she’s been special since day one.

The hit-and-run was carried out by her school bus driver in Buffalo, New York, when she accidentally hit a parked Ford Mustang and decided not to stop. It was Ziarra who took matters into her own hands and informed the car’s owner and left the anonymous note.

The note has since become famous, being featured on such large news networks as CNNCBS, and USA Today, among others.

The note she left explained what had happened, as well as the number of the bus and the time it took place.

Ziarra’s mother, Tocarra Lewis, has now revealed that her daughter, who was born on Valentine’s Day, has shown an instinct for caring since a very young age.

Ziarra has also displayed a distinct talent for the arts, which she enjoys due to its ability to make people smile. Early on, she was recognized by her teachers for her talent and soon her work was being showcased at the ImageMakers National Photography Contest, the Woodruff Arts Center, and many others.

“Being a good steward of a community, we must always do what’s right, regardless if someone is watching, because it takes one bad apple to spoil a bunch. Well, in that bunch, I want to make sure I am the good apple.” – Tocarra Lewis, Mother of Ziarra Griffin

Ziarra’s family have set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for her to attend an arts institution, after the idea was suggested by friends and family.

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