Betoken – More secure and easier to manage digital assets

In the past few years, blockchain technology has been the focus of the world. With the influx of investment institutions in various fields, from listed companies to young companies, from business to technology, the blockchain is decentralized and cannot be tampered with. New technologies traceable attract investors to focus on and participate in this field. Blockchain technology is considered to be the core technology that has the greatest potential to trigger a disruptive revolution.


The one-stop service of the cross-chain Betoken wallet uses a new generation of blockchain technology to creatively introduce artificial intelligence technology into the blockchain, and the two are closely integrated to create a high-frequency trading arbitrage across the era. product. In the future society, artificial intelligence is productivity, and blockchain is used to maintain production relations. Betoken will provide a vehicle for this purpose, using the bees chain to serve the block-based economy of the blockchain.

Betoken Wallet is a tool that provides the most objective and neutral data, information and digital asset management. It is designed to solve the inconvenience of users managing multiple digital currencies and the problem of poor value transmission. This wallet provides a safe, convenient, decentralized one-stop management solution by supporting multiple blockchain asset types. Users can use the APP to store and manage mainstream digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, which not only can completely control their digital assets, but also greatly reduce the usage threshold and management burden of digital currency, and effectively promote digital assets. Flexible application.

The wallet adopts the mainstream java language development of the financial system, the distributed system architecture, based on hardware extension can support millions of concurrent; hot and cold wallet separation, set hot wallet threshold, cold wallet physical isolation; multi-layer service scheduling, guarantee system bank Level safety.

The Betoken platform is a Turing-complete contract that provides professional financial services such as transfer, exchange, and transaction for digital assets. The Betoken platform will generate financial-related smart contracts to address the security certification of digital assets. The Betoken platform focuses on the financial functions of digital assets with security and high performance without redundant data.

In the design concept of the Betoken platform, the digital assets themselves are motivated by the high-frequency automatic quantitative calculation of the completion of the relevant mining fee refund. This incentive mechanism requires some decentralized data or transaction mining services. The corresponding functions are configured in the digital asset generation contract of the Betoken platform, and the algorithm for providing the data or mining is generated and stored in the corresponding number of assets, to initiate a high-frequency automatic quantitative trading program so that many Betoken users will run the data program or mining program to provide data or mining services for the digital asset, earning Bees and corresponding digital assets. Announce the acquisition algorithm and deposit certain digital assets on the Betoken platform.

Users on the Betoken platform find that running the high-frequency automatic quantitative trading program can earn good Bees and the digital assets of the contract, which will provide a decentralization for the digital asset. Information delivery services. On the Betoken platform, the project side only needs to configure the corresponding data in its own digital asset contract, such as the blockchain mode, block size, consensus mechanism, mining mode, etc., and deposit a certain Bees, then The Betoken platform will find this demand and will switch the trading power of some transactions to generate the smart contract agreement to support the project’s blocks to earn Bees and corresponding digital assets. The Betoken platform achieves good returns by automatically configuring transactional power. For the project side, it is easy to deposit digital assets to obtain decentralized smart contract agreements and corresponding computing support. In this way, digital assets are completely separated from commercial applications, solving performance problems and making digital assets more secure.

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