Atlatl Software Leaders Weigh Benefits of Full Vendor Partnership Versus Self-Service

Marc Murphy, CEO of Atlatl Software shares a conversation with his Director of Sales, Zac Cooper, in the dynamic YouTube video series, Open Mic: Manufacturing Industry Conversations. In a recent episode, Murphy and Cooper discuss the pros and cons of self-service versus a full vendor partnership.

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Copper explains that it depends on the specific software being evaluated. Cooper noted, “‘Light’ SaaS is very much a self-service type of play. When you go self-service with a highly complex engineered product, typically you are making that investment to save your engineers time. But if your engineers are having to maintain that technology, you just increased your stakeholder investment. Total cost of ownership of that technology, is going to be 2-3 times the cost, versus going with a full-service vendor partner who might have a higher investment upfront, but your ongoing maintenance is where you’ll see the return on your investment.

Murphy, a widely respected thought leader in the manufacturing sector, recently observed that the success of digital transformation must begin with the optimization and modernization of antiquated sales processes.

Industry 4.0 continues to be recognized as the next industrial revolution and explanation for the massive digital transformation of manufacturing and factory environments. To date, this movement has largely focused on the automation of shop floor systems and support applications of additive manufacturing, 3D printing, and sensor analytics

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This weekly video chat is an opportunity to explore a wide variety of topics, industrial themes, and best of breed practices. The entire series continues to offer unique and accessible insight by two of the most dynamic industrial thought leaders.

About Atlatl Software:

Charleston, SC-based, Atlatl Software ( is changing the way manufacturers and distributors sell. The suite of sales applications is empowering the highest performing companies to sell faster, more efficiently, and increase revenue.

  • Quickly create 2D, 3D, and augmented reality configurations based on specific engineering rules.
  • Increases speed and accuracy of configuration and quoting process.
  • Produce dynamic sales approval drawings of products as they are configured.
  • Instantly generate professional quotes with dynamic pricing.
  • Efficiently manage the sales pipeline from lead to close, all on a mobile device.
  • Digitally share pricing information and receive pipeline data from the distribution network.

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