7MM BET Publishes New Testimonial Section To Help Satisfied Customers Speak For Themselves

7MM BET has introduced a new testimonial section to their homepage to help those who have found success to share their stories with newcomers, to encourage more people to succeed.

Football, or soccer as it is known to Americans, is a sport that ignites a major passion around the world, and that passion fuels a huge industry. From buying shirts and tickets to placing a bet on a favorite team, football is an industry worth billions. 7MM BET is a website that helps people to manage their football betting (judi bola online) in a single location across multiple casinos, they can always place their bets to get the biggest payout from several competitors. The site has just launched a testimonials section on the homepage to espouse the experience to newcomers.

7MM BET’s testimonial section features real users that are active on the site and use it to manage making football bets online across multiple casinos (agen casino online), always taking the ones with the most favorable odds to get the biggest payouts.

The most frequently mentioned aspect of the website is their prediction service, which enables users to take inspiration from statistically derived match score predictions to inform what they bet on and how, with accuracy of up to 75%. These testimonials essentially provide a flash tour of the services on offer, and why they are so valuable.

A spokesperson for 7MM BET explained, “We believe, as has been established for many years that other people’s success is important to newcomers to the website. What’s more, we know that real users will trust real users more than they will trust aggressive marketing campaigns – a personal recommendation is worth a thousand pay per click impressions. We thank those users who have jumped at the chance to recommend us to their friends and the online sporting community. Their testimonials have enabled us to launch this section, which we predict will increase new user engagement for 2015 and help even more people find success betting online.”

About 7MM BET:

7MM BET is a score prediction and analysis website with one of the best online football gambling services as rated by real bet-makers. 7MM BET enables users to access a wide range of football betting and casino gambling games online and analyze which will give the best rewards. Their online casino features 338A, Avia, Guavita, Asia8bet, Unobet, 1sCasino, and IonCasino.

For more information please visit: http://www.7mmbet.org

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