Investors Of Crypto Announce Their First Fully Compliant Security Token Offering

Investors of Crypto CEO Daniel Neves and MacKenzie Moody, CFO, who are both sponsored for their Series 7 GSRE tests by the Texas Securities Board

The IOCX Security Token Offering is available to US accredited investors and qualified non-US investors only.

Texas-based Hybrid Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund Investors of Crypto has announced the Private Sale phase of its ground-breaking Security Token Offering.

IOCX will formally launch its ERC20 Token as part of its main sale in early January 2019 as a fully compliant Security Token Offering (STO.)

Investors of Crypto LLC Chief Executive Daniel Neves said: “The support and education we’ve gained from the Texas State Securities Board, and in particular from its Head of Enforcement Mr. Joe Rotunda, has been incredible, and will help to ensure that we remain legally compliant in all of our pursuits.”

In an unprecedented move, CFO MacKenzie Moody and CEO Neves are both formally sponsored for the Series 7 test by the TSSB via a reccomendation by Director Rotunda. Once all registrations and compliance requirements are fulfilled, Investors of Crypto will be the unique in the market as the first Crypto hybrid broker dealer in the State of Texas.

IOC is in no way endorsed by the TSSB. This is not an endorsement, but rather a statement of fact regarding our future sponsorship for the Series 7 GSRE test.

Bullish in a Bear Market

The Investors of Crypto Hedge Fund has successfully bucked the downward trend in cryptocurrency markets to deliver a very respectable 11.3% growth across its fund (2018 Q3 audit) and it is believed that much of the initial Security Token private placement sale will be snapped up by savy blockchain investors as this projects seeks to breathe life in the cryptocurrency investment sector for decades to come.

Investors of Crypto intends to be “The Investment Firm for The Masses.”

Not just an institution that caters to high net worth individuals, IOC will share investment knowledge and help to build wealth amongst people from all walks of life.

Neves is passionate about the firm’s market: “We want to serve the Janitor, the Builder and the School Teacher through The Investors of Crypto Learning Academy, which will be a free resource for anyone interested in learning how to invest and make their lives better by building wealth in as safe and compliant an environment as possible.”

This global, free educational platform is backed by a 40-million-dollar revenue model.

The firm has created an integrated token economy and ecosystem to maximize demand and sustain the value of the IOCX token.

Investors will receive a 25% discount on performance fees and other services when they use the IOCX token to pay their fees. This token economics model will sustain the firm’s token and business for decades to come.

The IOCX Security Token Offering is available to US accredited investors and qualified non-US investors only.

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