How to Plan a Perfect Napa Valley Package Deal Vacation

Planning the perfect Napa Valley vacation is important because you have come to the valley to see vineyards, taste what California is like, and have a relaxing time. No one comes to Napa Valley simply to sit around, and that is why you need to use these steps to create a vacation plan that is right for you and your partner or family. 

Look for Good Places to Go 

A Google My Business feature online will help you find vineyards to visit, wineries to tour, and restaurants to dine in. You can Google everything that you need, and you will come across many places that you will want to go. You can build your itinerary from this list of location, and you must continue to look for places to go until you feel your schedule is full. 

Find Some Fun Activities 

A company like Napa Valley Balloons is just one way for you to enjoy this place. You can rise up in a hot air balloon to take a look at the scenery, and you will have the incredible experience of looking out over a valley that is so massive you could never visit it all. The hot air balloon ride could include wine and cheese, and you could have a romantic balloon ride planned. Contact the hot air balloon company for help, and they will give you the best possible experience a few hundred feet off the ground. 

Look for Wineries to Tour 

If look at this website when you want to find wineries, then you have a good chance of finding those that give the best tours in the area. There are many vineyards that you will drive by when you come through the area, but you cannot visit them all. You should search for the places that you think would be the most fun to tour, and you might need a family tour because you have the kids with you. You can look over the options that you have when you go to each winery, and you can even schedule a private tasting or tour of the winery itself to see the casks and the bottling operation. 


You must find the best places to eat when you come to Napa Valley, and you will discover that there are many Michelin rated restaurants in the area. Some of the most famous chefs in the world have restaurants in the area, and you could sample every kind of cuisine. You must look at every small town you pass through, and you should see if there is a specific place you would like to stop so you can eat lunch and dinner in that same town as part of the small-town experience. 

Someone who wants to take a relaxing vacation to Napa Valley needs to plan accordingly. You could have a hot air balloon ride, or you could eat in a restaurant that you chose because of its amazing ratings. You can tour a winery, and you could walk through the vineyards where the grapes are grown every season.

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