Innovative FAST-ACT Chemical Decon. App Release for First Responders/HAZMAT Experts

New Update: FAST-ACT (First Applied Sorbent Treatment – Against Chemical Threats), a chemical decontamination provider to the Military, First-Responders, and Hazmat Personnel, has just introduced a revolutionary Decontamination Guide available via an app on mobile devices.

FORT MYERS, Florida – The FAST-ACT Decontamination Guide app is available online through a large index chemical list, as well as through the Apple Store and Google Play – providing a quick resource for chemical information & decontamination solutions for a large database of chemicals that are dealt with commonly in various fields of work.

The developers of the app, FAST-ACT, specifically developed this guide for Hazmat Personnel, Police, Military, and First-Responders who encounter potentially toxic chemicals in the field and that need expedited information on the toxicity of the chemical at hand; and most importantly knowledge on the best decontamination solution to implement when using the FAST-ACT chemical decontamination products.

The Decontamination Guide App includes information fields such as CAS #, chemical classification, formula, chemical characteristics, treatment solution, chemical mechanism/byproduct, primary mechanism type, and reaction rate of the chemical at hand. 

The new FAST-ACT Decontamination Guide App is the largest directory of chemical threats that list decontamination solutions for immediate action and neutralization of potentially toxic chemicals. This innovative decontamination app provides First-Responders and field personnel the ability to obtain pertinent information that is needed quickly for the decontamination of chemical threats.

FAST-ACT’s Director of Technology, Kyle Knappenberger spoke highly on this new resource app for chemical decontamination and its ability to significantly aid field workers, “Hazmat personnel and first-responders are often times tasked with the responsibility of mitigating and decontaminating unknown substances that they encounter throughout their field work. The potential dangers that these workers may confront could be significant and thus having a tool like the FAST-ACT Decontamination Guide App will aid in proving vital information on a variety of chemicals, with field level expertise on how to properly and safely combat these substances. When time is of the essence, an easily deployed guide like the FAST-ACT Decontamination Guide App can be a time saver, life saver, and help reduce costs and potential further injury.”

For those interested in accessing this extensive chemical threat list and decontamination solutions, they can download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play and sign up for an account on the App using a government email address or organization email – and once the email is approved, they will immediately gain access to the revolutionary Decontamination Guide by FAST-ACT.

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CBRN/HAZMAT Product Specialist

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