Blockchain Startup InfluenceMine Releases Cryptocurrency Mining Solution with ALPHA Pack Offering

Bend, OR – December 21, 2018 – InfluenceMine, a blockchain based, mobile cryptocurrency mining and affiliate marketing platform, announced the release of ALPHA by InfluenceMine™, the world’s first turnkey, fractional cryptomining experience. The company’s exclusive offering is available to 200 members and provides early access to innovative mining, lead generation and referral opportunities. 

To date, the technical complexity and expense associated with cryptomining have made opportunities for those interested in acquiring and mining cryptocurrencies elusive. With ALPHA by InfluenceMine, members can buy and deploy FracPac™ mining chip packages, with ownership verified through state-of-the-art Proof of Machine authentication in InfluenceMine’s U.S.-based data centers. Members keep 100% of crypto mined and have complete control to receive and withdraw cryptocurrencies in their digital wallets. Packages also include full mining and maintenance coverage for the first year of mining operations.

ALPHA Packages represent innovative income earning opportunities for affiliates too. The company provides ALPHA members with a crypto-multiplying Referral Booster™ featuring 250 free sales leads per month. These are powered by InfluenceData™, a proprietary lead-generation software. Members may mine cryptocurrencies as well as share packages to their social networks to earn commissions on sales. Also included in the ALPHA Packages are ALPHA Referral Codes™. These genesis codes gives referrers seven-day early activation on all future package referral sales and pre-launch activation at rollouts of future viral networks.

“Industry solutions for consumer facing mining and affiliate referral marketing such as “cloud mining” have been disjointed, confusing, expensive, technologically weak and prone to scams,” said Bryan Crane, Chief Growth Officer, InfluenceMine. “ALPHA Packages are designed to make mining fast, affordable and compliant. The offering is supercharged with superior lead-generation and attractive referral sale technology too — there is nothing like this in the space today.”

InfluenceMine reports already generating high margin revenues through ALPHA Package sales and anticipates subsequent package releases in early 2019. 

Features of ALPHA by InfluenceMine at launch include: 


17 Chips | $4,233 value

Includes install, setup and Proof of Machine verification

Keep 100% of the crypto mined by your hardware

Complete control to recieve and withdraw your crypto

First fractional miners with the latest hardware & mining algorithms

Value: $249 per chip includes hardware, power, maintenance and setup


Turnkey solution – all inclusive for 1 year

No additional cost

Covers electricity, software and personnel to run your hardware


Genesis referral codes

Limited to only 200 ALPHA Members

7-day early activation of all ALPHA Referral Codes*

Pre-launch activation with future rollouts of viral networks


Crypto multiplier | $6,000 Value

Up to 250 FREE leads per month for one year

Automatically tied to your ALPHA Referral Code

Powered by InfluenceData™ 


10% commission on any ALPHA Packages sold

Find out more about the ALPHA Pack and details here:

About InfluenceMine

InfluenceMine is a global cryptocurrency mining operation that allows anyone with internet access to mine cryptocurrency. By infusing an eco-friendly digital currency mining experience deployed from a user’s mobile device, with an advanced influencer marketing platform and built-in affiliate program supported by a set of robust data and marketing tools, InfluenceMine wants to let virtually anyone capitalize on the growing income generation opportunity presented by digital currencies.

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