Lake Worth, FL New Age Health and Wellness has made a nationwide expansion by extending their operations to Florida, while at the same time serving the needs of clients across the entire United States. Over the last decade, the health care solutions provided by this organization have rejuvenated the health of many men and women which lead to the need for a new office in Florida to serve more patients in the surrounding communities.

New Age Health and Wellness is a health care center that focuses exclusively on renewing the age of older men and women. They believe that while old age is part and parcel of life, it does not mean that older people should suffer unnecessary health issues. In view of this, they provide Hormone Therapy Treatment to revitalize and invigorate the health of older people.

New Age Health and Wellness is known for their first-class treatment of all kinds of symptoms that come with old age. Menopause is common with women while andropause is common with men. The age the symptoms appear vary, but the fact remains that many people tend to suffer from these two age-related ailments.

Some of the symptoms associated are hot flashes, weight gain, low libido, fatigue, depression, temporal memory loss, bone density loss, migraines, mood swings, low concentration, and many others. The health experts at New Age Health and Wellness examines each patient’s condition and offer a special hormone replacement solution. While all symptoms may not be eliminated completely, the therapy and treatment solutions offered at the centre helps to reduce and manage them.

“We offer Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) to battle and balance the maturing hormones of both men and women,” says, the spokesperson of New Age Health and Wellness. “Our BHRT for men and BHRT for women is based on the medical status and age of the patient.

New Age Health and Wellness also offers pills, injections and creams, gel and skin patches to facilitate treatments. The services of the health facility cover weight loss, injectable vitamin, peptide therapy, erectile dysfunction, and hormonal replacement.

New Age Health and Wellness is located at 8401 Lake Worth Rd Ste. 224, Lake Worth FL 33467 United States. Contact them via phone at 1-866-325-7137, or via email at For additional information about their services, visit their website.

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