AAA Exchange launched the world’s first global payment system relying on platform currency

In recent days, US AAA will launch the world’s only global payment system that relies on exchange’s platform currency as a payment medium.


Today’s block chain digital asset market is far from what it was before, with more investors are exploring their way to bring the application to the ground.

Block chain technology and payment, trace ability, Dapp and other more applications will become the mainstream of the future market.

The payment system based on block chain technology is one of the hot topics, block chain payment can solve many problems, it has the following advantages:

1. Block chain platform ecological payment. It is an independent C2C system that can connect to various platforms, such as exchanges, foreign exchange, contracts, games and so on to provide a digital asset recharge payment channel.

2. “Cross-border” payments. It can also be understood as an off-the-counter exchange. Digital asset transactions are borderless and can be used by users in any country, while off-the-counter transactions are now used as Capital entry and exit, and players from any country can trade on the platform and transfer money offline.

3. Global payments. Cross-border account settlement, online account docking, with encryption, non-tampering and intelligent contract features, low transaction costs, real-time to account, low exchange rate.

The US AAA exchange, which has built a global payment system based on exchange’s platform currency, has a strong background advantage. It is not only the first exchange in the world to make global payments through platform currency. And it is a global block chain asset trading platform dedicated to security, stability, transparency, equality and mutual trust. Behind it is the block chain technology, designed by the top Silicon Valley team, based on massive data extremely fast matchmaking engine, carrying the bank level of asset trading and storage encryption technology.

The benefits of a global payment system based on the platform currency EK as a payment medium, launched by the US AAA Exchange, include faster payment processing (both payment and settlement), lower costs, greater efficiency, and easier payment and asset type transactions. It creatively has the following ten advantages:

1. The platform reserve funds are sufficient to ensure the stability of EK price;

2. Limited real-name system to ensure the safety of assets while providing sufficient anonymity;

3. Global payment results confirmed,no network congestion

4. Providing payment SDK, for merchants can realize QR code receipts and returns receipt results and automatic delivery on the merchant website

5. Mobile wallet APP can realize the function of code sweep payment and NFC payment, and has the payment experience of Alipay and WeChat.

6. Each user is the clearing gateway, which can realize the cross-border global distributed liquidation of all currencies;

7. Based on block chain technology, issuance and payment records are transparent, transparent and traceable;

8. Global computing nodes have exceeded 10, 000, which can effectively resist 51% attacks and prevent data from being tampered with or destroyed.

9. Technology mature, stable and reliable, to meet the needs of commercial operations.

10. So far, more than 1,000 merchants (with nearly 40 million products) have approved EK, and supported EK as a payment medium. Is very extensive, including eating, lodging, traveling and so on.

Users in the US AAA platform using EK token transactions, handling fees will be discounted. Second, holders of EK tokens will also receive quarterly bonuses for the destruction of tokens and free participation in exclusive activities offered by the platform.

The global payment system based on the EK platform created by US AAA is the first in the world, and the exchange itself has a huge flow. Once the payment system is online, a large number of EK token holders will participate and use it. The advantages of this platform with its own flow can be understood as Binance and coinbase. The two exchanges with tens of millions of users drain each other and develop together, the effect of which is enormous. Based on this, the global payment system created by AAA will be a subversive payment system.

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