Information on How to Get a Free Status Page

When your platform must go down for maintenance you want your end users to have a page where can see the status of how the service is going. You want your customers to be informed about what is going on so that they do not get worried and start looking for another software or platform to use. Every once and while maintenance must be performed to keep the system running smoothly. Otherwise, you will have all kinds of bugs ruining your applications and your customers will not be able to use it at all. It is always best to take the platform down where there is hardly anyone using it. 

Finding the Right maintenance System 

When looking for the right cloud maintenance system you need to find one that will give the ability to reach every end user on your software or platform. You need to be able to let them know in a timely manner as to what day and between what time frames that the software platform will be unavailable. Some of these IT systems offer free trials for you to try it out before deciding if they are the right fit for what you need. There are several you could go to and look for what they are about and how they can help you. There are many sorts of status sites, such as StatusCast. You want one that has a powerful loading page that gets to everyone and it will spell out the details that you need to let everyone know when not to be on the system. If the maintenance is going to take longer than stated, you could update the information to reflect it. You do not want to alienate your users, so having a stats page that can reach them with information on when servicing the system will be over is crucial. 

The Cost 

Some of these platforms will slow you to do anywhere from a seven to 30-day trial. This way you can determine if their service right for you. To have a Microsoft Office 365 Service Status page go up and get around to everyone, you need a reliable maintenance platform that has no glitches. It is not good to pay for this service not knowing if the platform is able to reach all of your end users. They would have to be upfront about how their platform works and the cost, so you can determine if the company will be getting your money. Having a status page that is powerful enough to reach everyone may cost a bit but if it works out to adhere you can give a status update on what is happening with the maintenance of the system, then it is well worth it. 

It is always important to give status updates when your page is going down for maintenance. That way, your users can plan accordingly. You want them to be appreciative of your willingness to improve the entire system. Get your status page today.

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