Fratu Foundation is sponsoring New Year events

New Year celebrations are always a magical time, time to spend with the family, time to care about each other and to present presents. Unfortunately for hundreds of children in need the situation is different, due to different circumstances this children were not able to celebrate the new year not to mention receiving a present.

The Fratu Foundation understands that each child deserves a moment of happiness, a moment of joy, a moment where a child can fell that someone cares. This year The Fratu Foundation decided to participate in sponsoring a New year celebration for hundreds of children in need in a remote region of Russia.

“The concept of Santa or Ded Maroz is a concept of magic, a concept where a total stranger, cares about you, when a stranger gives you presents. We want the children to believe in magic, we want the children to understand that sometimes a total stranger can care about them. We aim to bring back hope and magic to the lives of those, that are less fortunate, those that are in difficult situation. We aim to bring a smile to children as well as a feeling of belonging and it is our privilege to be able to sponsor such an event.”
– according to Dan Fratu of the Fratu Foundation

The Fratu Foundation is a family foundation, aiming to create a positive impact in society, by helping those in need as well as providing tools for people to improve their lives.

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