Winter Fashion Trends: Boutique Dresses for All Occasions

Who doesn’t love wearing dresses in the winter? If you are against this idea, you probably haven’t tried layering with them; dresses are so versatile! No matter what climate you live in and regardless of the occasion, you can pull out your favorite dress and rock it. How does one wear a dress in the winter? If you browse the selection of an online Alma Boutique, the dresses range in style, allowing for endless layering possibilities. 

Dare I say, you could even pair a strappy sequin dress with a faux-fur jacket or a blazer for a black-tie holiday party! Add some warm stockings and little black booties to match the weather conditions you’re trenching through. How about a classic bright red holiday dress with a twist—lace. The lace allows you to not only wear it year-round, and you can add fun lace-up heels or even glittery shoes for the holidays. If you’re a trend-seeker, you’ve probably heard of these combinations before, and are looking for something original, yet effortless. The previous decades are making a return for various Winter Fashion Trends 2018! Flared and ruffled shoulders are coming back into style. If you want to make a statement without showing too much skin this season, a long-sleeved mini dress with bold shoulders is the way to go! Pair it with a statement necklace, stockings, and tall boots if you live in a cold climate. 

Can we give some love to our edgy girls? Please and thank you. A glitter and velvet dress—yes, you heard me correctly—is the combination to beat. An all-black dress, dark burgundy lips, and some killer heels are how you can slay your holiday parties. If you want to bring even more drama to this look, add a trench coat or floor-duster for a jaw-dropping entrance. 

Still not trendy enough for you? Take that strappy black dress we talked about earlier and throw turtleneck long sleeve shirt under it — I’ll let you pick the color! (I’d pick white, for the record.) Not only with this little trick keep you toasty, but we are also totally getting 90’s vibes from it, and we’re living for it. 

Last is the finishing piece of your outfit: the handbag. Whether you call it a purse, a bag, or a clutch, they all have the same purpose: to hold the junk that is not the most fashionable. A small patent black clutch would go with any outfit, while a pop of burgundy or evergreen would turn heads. Play with the textures and don’t be afraid to mix and match; your purse makes a loud statement in comparison to its size, but fashion is about expressing yourself and having fun. So, the answer is yes, add that black fluffy purse to your outfit. The best part is, there are no rules when it comes to how you dress. Dress for yourself and embrace what you choose; just be sure to stuff a few extra cookies in your purse before the party ends!

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