HYGH is planning to reform the world of AdTech shaping the future of advertising

HYGH is reforming the world of adtech by offering the future Digital OOH advertising platform known as HAP. HYGH is a decentralized peer-to-peer system that endeavors to build a clear and transparent advertisement network for powerful dynamic real-time advertising. The platform unites advertisers with partners of public displays and allows users listed on the platform to become advertisers despite their company size or their advertising capacity.

Explain HYGH Like I’m Five

In other words, it unites owners of public advertisements with advertisers in a peer-to-peer style. Peer-to-peer relates to computer networks that utilize a shared or distributed structure. In this, all the computers or devices that are members of it share the workloads in the network. The following image is displaying its three main characteristics. In short, the future of advertising means everyone can advertise.

The HYGH platform authorizes everyone to become an advertiser with the help of its simple to use app. This app converts any screen into an extremely adaptable advertising space. For example, it converts a tablet positioned at a suitability store checkout or a TV in a petite shop window or a professionally installed rustic billboard on the Times Square. It is a digital signage content management system that joins owners of public displays with brands.

It was created in the year 2017 to provide:

● A targeted guidance and suggestions

● Advertising that is well-defined.

● Advertising that is real-time

● To remove the blocks for the smallest brands

● To provide a reliable duty

How Does it work?

The goal is to advertise universally or give a display and get paid. It creates clarity and trust can develop a powerful relationship. It offers a Security Token because it is the unique kind of shares. The following image is showing its roadmap.

Step 1: The advertiser starts by outlining their drive by giving content for their drive and fixing their budget. After this, the HYGH platform will allow the advertiser to organize their campaign during their coveted timeframe utilizing the set funds.

Step 2: Once the amount is approved, the advertiser can choose the displays of their advertising campaigns. They will also get a detailed summary and report of the complete advertising campaign through the user dashboard on the HYGH platform. A validator will inspect the campaigns before they go live.

Step 3: After this, display providers start making a profit by picking the operating systems of their displays and linking them to the HYGH network. They are also expected to give the HYGH network data about their display and get it prepared for usage by advertisers.

Step 4: Just like the advertiser, the display providers will have a way to a summary of their associated displays and prevailing earning through the dashboard. They will also get a comprehensive report of their particular associated displays and the performance of a specific display.

Use Case

As mentioned earlier, HYGH is a global screen network for everyone to advertise easily everywhere in the physical world. For example, if user owns a shop or a restaurant then in some public space be it a theatre, a building or some public space user can set up a TV a tablet or a LED billboard like on New York Times Square connected easily to a platform and make it bookable from all over the world in minutes instead of like a three month process. In collaboration with the New World Order App from the Dominican Republic, the company will install 30,000 displays in cars and present them bookable via the HYGH Platform.

In short, people can book their advertising space from the street by simply taking out their phones and selecting the squeeze they want to advertise on and then just book it all over the world. The company already has a working platform at 70,000 screens and it has a completely fully developed MVP. Just like Airbnb which changed any extra room into a probable income source – HYGH will change any screen into a fully compliant digital ads space. The company has also won the award for best STO-Pitch at the Satoshi United conference in Singapore.

Security Token

The HYGH security token (STO) represents an asset or utility of the company. HYGH shares 9% of each transaction passing through the conformity with token holders. The following image is showing the details of HYGH and its parameters.

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