How to Keep Up with the Classroom Students’ Portfolios

Do you remember coming home from kindergarten? How about first grade? Grade school in general? You’d probably say it was so much fun until you forgot a permission slip, lost your homework sheets, or couldn’t find the art project you created for your parent(s) to hang on the refrigerator. Since then the role has been passed down, you’ve become a parent, and technology has improved in your favor. These days your child’s instructor has better new and improved ways of keeping you updated. 

What Does a Kid Need a Portfolio For?

Thanks for asking! To answer your question, this content is not just for your child. The information being shared is for you and your child to continue learning at home together. Through these portals, parents are able to communicate with teachers and students clearly, keep up with their child’s intellectual advancements, and create an even more open and positive atmosphere around their child’s learning experience. The platform comes as an app that is 100% free for students, parents, teachers and principals alike. 

There are a variety of digital portfolio apps made just for children, like ClassDojo. The idea of social media to any extent is quite terrifying for many parents as there are many wrong turns a child can take without the proper guidance. However, these apps are generally closed to the public making them completely safe for you and your child. 

Give Your Child a Head Start 

Through these apps, children begin a cycle of self-induced inspiration. They learn by action that they can create amazing things while also learning the importance of sharing their perspectives of the world. Developing these habits earlier on only solidifies the foundation of their interpretation of the world around them. It has even been proven that children who have better early educational experiences go on to achieve more academically as adults. Think about it this way, if you could give your child a JumpStart would you? The skills they acquire as they become who they are going to be is largely impacted by their exposure to certain resources. 

As you already know the world is changing. The way people are moving through the world is changing, and it’s been said that if you can’t keep up you will be left behind. As technology and social media take the world by storm more and more everyday children should learn how to keep up with the world around them. Not in the likes of gossip, body shaming, or social isolation, but in ways that promote their individual intellectual and artistic capabilities inspiring them to become IT engineers, social activists, artists, humanitarians, world ambassadors, and even inventors. By incorporating digital portfolios into early education, the sky ceases to be the limit. Students gain confidence in their unique qualities, parents and teachers are able to monitor progress and encourage students even more than before, and together they create the perfect environment for both academic and world success.

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