2018 Hainan•Danzhou International Marathon Successfully Ended, Ethiopian Athletes Took the Championship of Marathon Men’s and Women’s Group

On December 23rd, with the theme of “Running into New Era and Building Free Trade Port”, the 2018 Hainan•Danzhou International Marathon with the slogan “Find New Thing in Winter and Run to Tour in Danzhou” has been finished in the cultural square of Danzhou City.

As one of the 2018 (19th) Hainan International Tourism Island Happy Festival series activities, the 2018 Hainan•Danzhou International Marathon was hosted by China Athletics Association, Department of Tourist and Cultural Radio Television and Sports in Hainan Province, Danzhou People’s Government, and cohosted by Depart-ment of Culture Radio Television Publication and Sports in Danzhou City, Baishi In-teractive Sports (Beijing) Co., Ltd. The items includes full marathon, half marathon, 5km mini marathon race run and 5km mini marathon happy run. The numbers of par-ticipantswere 16,000.

Zhang Faqiang, former Deputy Director of General Administration of Sport of China, Yuan Guangping, Secretary of the Danzhou Municipal Party Commitee, Gao Yuanyi, Deputy Director of Department of Tourist and Cultural Radio Television and Sports in Hainan Province, Wang Keqiang, Director of the Standing Committee of the DanzhouCity, Xie Xiongfeng, Chairman of CPPCC of Danzhou; Wen Long, Member of DanzhouMunicipal Standing Committee, Minister of Propaganda Department, Di-mitris, the Official Representative of Athens Marathon in China, Yin Songwen, Sales Director in China Resources C’estbon Beverage (China) Co., Ltd., South China Branch, Hainan Region, Qiu Bo,Boardman of Baishi Interactive Sports (Beijing) Co., Ltd. all attended the starting ceremony andjointly fired a shot for the 2018 Hainan•Danzhou International Marathon.

Robert Ngacha Kihoi and Wilson Cheruiyot from Kenya won the half marathon men’s team championship and the second place. Chinese sports star Li Zicheng won the third place; in the half-way women’s group, Mercy Wanjiru Njoroge from Kenya won the championship, Chinese player Wang Yuqing and Tanzanian player Adelina Trassas Rugalingira respectivelywon the second place and the third place.

The top threein the whole men’s group were: Ethiopian player, Mazengiya Ayalew Meseret, Kenyan player, Dickson Kiptoo and Ethiopian player, Beech Dereje Urgecha. Wang Tao won the championship of national marathon men’s domestic group, Huang Qingye and Zhao Guohu ranked the second and the third in domestic group.

In the whole women’s group, Ethiopian player, Tsehynesh Tsale Tsenga won the championship, Chinese player Zhang Jingxia won the second place, Chinese player zhen Yannan won the third place, Zhang Jingxia and zhen Yannan also won the champion and the second place of the full marathon women’s domestic group.

The organizing committee focuses on the professional organization of the event, pays attention to the player experience, and carries out all-round coordination and upgrad-ing of the event from the aspects of security, replenishment, medical insurance, and track culture.

The official representative of Athens Marathon in China, Dimitris, sent the olive branch from Athens to the first place winner in the whole process. The olive branch symbolizes peace and will witness the beautiful beginning of the two cities of Athens and Danzhou.

The highlights of this year’s event are:

First, the Danzhou Marathon series of medals themed “Different Danzhouo-ver the Past Decade” was launched;

Second, it set up the country’s first mini marathon racing competition;

Third, it provided full-time project players with honor suits, post-match stretch, ice therapy area, mobile phone charging area and other services. Rich track supply and the all-round experience before, during and after the game are improved;

Fourth, the first one with QR code for printing exclusive photos on the number cloth in China;

Fifth, wide coverage of bonus;

Sixth, it set up a full marathon running group PK and half marathon couple running;

Seventh, it created a full track indication.

The successful hosting of the 2018 Hainan•Danzhou International Marathon demon-strates the gratifying results of the rapid economic and social development of Danz-hou. Under the theme of “Running into New Era and Building Free Trade Port”, Danzhou city has opened a new chapter in the era of national fitness, which effective-ly promoted the development of mass sports and injected “new vitality” into the city of Danzhou, as well as added “new energy” to the development of sports industry in Danzhou City.

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