National Press Distributors Announce Latest Oregon Marijuana Laws

National Press Distributors applaud Gleam Law, a leading cannabis law firm, for compiling an up-to-date and comprehensive resource for Oregon Marijuana Laws. This essential guide is vital for both consumers and the merchants, and producers of the Oregon marijuana industry alike.

NPD dove deep into the existing resources and determined that Gleam Law’s guide is the most useful and informative guide for stakeholders in the Oregon marijuana industry. This reference provides information for consumers about personal use, purchasing limits, age limits, cities and counties that prohibit marijuana sales, growing limits, and marijuana-related transportation law. Business owners and producers will find critical information about industrial production, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, Measure 91, and other acts related to commercial cannabis.

Marijuana Consumers will benefit from learning how to comply with all of the relevant laws regulations. This is particularly important for out-of-state marijuana tourists who are not aware of the local laws.

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission, also known as the OLCC, is the official body that oversees the regulation of recreational cannabis businesses. The OLCC was designated to oversee the cannabis industry by Measure 91, which was passed on November 4, 2014.

The OLCC only oversees the recreational cannabis businesses. The Oregon Medicinal Marijuana Program (OMMP) is administered by the OHA. The OMMP program has been in severe decline since the introduction of recreational marijuana.

Industrial hemp is not overseen by the OLCC, but rather by the Oregon Department of Agriculture. In 2014, Congress passed the Farm Bill which legalized the production of industrial hemp with many restrictions. However, the bill expires this year and the future of industrial hemp remains uncertain. A 2018 version of the Farm Bill has not yet been passed, and it is not clear what provisions Congress will include in the final version.

NPD has reviewed the guide thoroughly to check for accuracy and determined that Gleam Law’s guide is well-researched and reinforces their authority as experts in the Oregon cannabis industry.  

The guide goes into detail about the legal history of cannabis in Oregon. Oregon has been a pioneering state in the cannabis industry since 1973, when it became the first to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana. Later in 1998, Oregon introduced laws that legalized medical marijuana use for certain conditions. From 1998-2014, medical marijuana was the only legalized cannabis in the state. Then in 2014, Oregon became the 3rd state to legalize the recreational use of marijuana.

The Oregon Marijuana Industry is young and ever-changing. With new laws on the floor of the Oregon Legislative Assembly, industry regulations will continue to mature and develop. For the latest news on Oregon cannabis law and marijuana business news, follow Gleam Law’s blog.

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