Derrick Murphy becomes a Podcast Sensation through his educative and life-changing topics.

#WhyNotSports podcast is for sport related topics while #Flagrant2pod podcast is for everyday conversations.

Content creator and speaker Derrick Murphy aka D. Murph is making waves with his podcasts titled #WhyNotSports – where he talks about the good, bad and ugly of sports and how it impacts your everyday life; and the #Flagrant2pod – where everyday people have everyday conversations.

Like a trusty friend in your phone, podcasts are always there when you need them. There’s something joyous about timing your weekly routine around the release of new episodes, and about sticking in your headphones – at work, at the gym, as you cook dinner – and giving in to someone else’s story. Derrick Murphy’s #WhyNotSports and #Flagrant2pod platforms can be heard on most podcast directories including IHeart Radio and Spotify.

Derrick Murphy’s voice is soothing and articulate, and he delivers nuggets of lesser-known information with the confidence and clarity of a creator who clearly loves what he’s doing. His podcasts gives listeners a different perspective about the world of sports, entertainment and pop culture. Basically whatever is on Murph’s mind, he’ll share it with the world and might even bring a guest on board too.

D. Murph is also an author. His book “How Podcasting Helped Me Get My Groove Back” is a must-read and can be purchased on Amazon In his book, Murph explains how he had success as a student athlete earlier in his life, and how he has now used podcasting as a way to regain the passion and excitement in a craft.

About Derrick Murphy

Derrick Murphy is a husband, father and a former student athlete who has been able to use lessons from his life and share them to the world with the hopes to encourage someone that could benefit from his story.

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