Creative Biolabs Launched Autoimmune Disease IVD Antibody Development Services

New York – December 25th, 2018 – Equipped with a series of state-of-the-art technique platforms, Creative Biolabs recently launched autoimmune disease IVD development services to facilitate the drug R&D projects of customers from early discovery to clinical trials.

The autoimmune disease stems from an abnormal immune response to a normal body part. There are at least 80 types of autoimmune diseases, many of which have similar symptoms, making them much difficult to diagnose.

HLA antibodies and autoimmune diseases

The human MHC (major histocompatibility complex) molecule, also called HLA (human leukocyte antigens) in human, is the cell surface antigen that mediates graft-versus-host disease. Through the detection of HLA in vivo that are designed and developed, the body immune status can be verified at the time of infection. As a marker of monocyte dysfunction and immunosuppression, HLA can be used for laboratory research and diagnostic reactions of related diseases, including enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, chemiluminescence, radioimmunoassay, immune colloidal gold assay, etc. can be developed into corresponding kits.

The scientist from Creative Biolabs said that “The corresponding kits of HLA antibodies are also available in our company. Our products are suitable for in vitro diagnosis and immunological diagnosis, characterized by rapid detection, high specificity and sensitivity, easy operation with safety.”

“We are confident in offering the custom IVD autoimmune antibodies discovery and development services for various biomarkers that from a broad range of autoimmune diseases”, which include but are not limited to:

· Rheumatoid arthritis

· Mucous membrane pemphigoid

· Childhood Asthma

· Systemic lupus erythematosus

· Others

If you are interested in our autoimmune disease IVD antibody discovery services, please visit for more details.

About Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs is one of the few companies who can offer integrated drug discovery services for clients all over the world. Talented and well-trained scientists are working closely with each other to realize the goal of our customers. To discover and develop the qualified medicines of tomorrow, scientists in Creative Biolabs are concentrating on every important aspect of the industry, especially for the drug discovery pipeline. Services range from target identification and validation, hit identification, hit to lead, lead optimization to the investigational new drug (IND), and are subdivided into numerous details. Creative Biolabs is able to undertake the entire discovery pipeline and also pleased to offer specific service based on clients’ requirements.

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