One Vine Wines revolutionizes the wine industry

Non-traditional importer and distributor uses tech to bring wine into modern era

California – One Vine Wines, a non-traditional wine importer and distributor, is revolutionizing the wine industry. The website uses direct email campaigns rather than outdated methods for selling wines wholesale. The elimination of outdated ways to reach customers allows One Vine Wines to sell its wines for 10 percent to 15 percent cheaper.

One Vine Wines uses a “vines to market approach”. The company sells its wines wholesale to retailers in a streamlined process. Retailers are able to purchase wines for less than with other more traditional wholesalers.

“We want to bring transparency to the wine industry,” One Vine Wines’ spokesperson said. “For too long, the wine industry has failed to evolve. It has used a system that is comfortable for distributors. Now, changing the way we market offers retailers ways to save money. It is a win-win situation for all sides.”

Since 1933, wine selling has been completed in the same way. Until recently, the model had not changed. Prior to One Vine Wines, the wine selling system was multi-layered. Wineries produced the wines, a wine distributor purchased the bottles, before turning around and selling the wine to retailers. The retailers then sold the wines to customers. Each step of the chain increases the price of the wine.

One Vine Wines revolutionizing the wholesale selling method. By using a winery-direct method, a retailer searches for the types of wine its customers buy most. The retailer places an order directly with the wine producers. An in-state wine distributor takes title of the purchase order to be compliant, then the distributor transfers the wine over to the retailer. The method is not only fast, but it is far less expensive than the old method of selling and buying wine.

“The new system means retailers are not restricted by the wines they can purchase,” a One Vine Wines’ spokesperson said. “Distributors are no longer making large sums of money to connect retailers with a limited supply of wines. The savings a retailer can make are tremendous.”

One Vine Wines has changed wine by eliminating sales representatives, pointless meetings, and inefficient tastings. The website offers retailers an extensive list of wines that are curated to meet a buyer’s exact specifications.

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About One Vine Wines

One Vine Wines is a non-traditional importer and distributor of fine wines (and some beers). The company has harnessed technology to usher in the modern age in an industry that has been reluctant to adapt and change. One Vine Wines is a team of industry veterans who taste thousands of wines a year. By using a direct email campaign and its online shop, One Vine Wines has eliminated many of the inefficiencies and anachronisms of the wholesale trade.

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