SmileReader Ovulation test kit comes with an app to make the process of conceiving easier for the couples

SmileReader Ovulation test kit comes with a Fertility Tracking App that enables the women to track their ovulation cycle and fertility stats so that they can plan to conceive with their partner accordingly. The user can simply scan their test strip with the subsequent app and it will inform them about the time when they’re most likely to be fertile. They can also connect their partner to the app to keep them informed about the same.

The users can simply purchase the SmileReader Ovulation test kit from Amazon and download the free mobile app from App Store or Google Play Store. The ovulation strips detect the increased levels of LH to show when the user is about to start ovulating while the pregnancy strips detect the HCG hormones, which are only produced when pregnant. The strips along with the app can help the couples in determining the right time to conceive.

A number of couples struggle to track the fertility cycle and identify the right time to copulate for maximum chances of getting pregnant. This is why the SmileReader test kit and app make tracking fertility cycles easier for the couples while eliminating the pregnancy guesswork. The user can check the results at home or on the go, using the mobile app.

How does it work?

  • Simply take the test using urine. No blood or ultrasound required.
  • Download the mobile app and scan the strip from the app.
  • The app will give a score.
  • The users will easily notice when is ovulating or not and their most fertile days.
  • The app also tracks menstrual cycle information.
  • To increase the accuracy of prediction, the user can enter information like their body weight, changes in cervical mucus, and basal body temperature.

Smile reader app features:

  • The app works only with the SmileReader Ovulation test kit.
  • The user can use the above two together for monitoring their fertility cycle and know when they’re ready to conceive.
  • The app enables the user to track their personal period calendar to know their peak ovulation time.
  • The user can simply scan the results of SmileReader test kit with the app to know detailed results.
  • Information sharing option to share dates, ovulation information etc. with their partner.

SmileReader App can be downloaded from Apple App Store and Google Play store.

The users who sign up to the app can get a FREE SmileReader ovulation kit from (Limited period offer*).


This SmileReader app only works with SmileReader tests provided in the Ovulation Kits. SmileReader is not a certified provider of medical advice or suggestions. This app is merely designed to help the user make a schedule around peak ovulation for knowing the best chances at pregnancy. It does not make any single medical diagnosis, and one should consult with a professional before taking any action that may affect their health or safety. 

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