Legacy Year: newly unveiled, comprehensive online platform helps people create an accurate documentation of their experiences and wisdom.

For those who set out to share their story, finding reliable, consistent resources designed to help create such a written history can be difficult. The team at Legacy Year aims to help by offering a comprehensive online platform for creating a written legacy.

Legacy Year has just unveiled its platform on Kickstarter, where the company aims to raise $15,000 towards administration, personnel, and experts critical to Legacy Year. 

The concept for Legacy Year offers a year-long blueprint with monthly themes such as childhood, adolescence, young adult, love, and influences. Users get prompts, guiding questions, expert videos, and access to an online community of other legacy writers. All of those features are included in the standard product; the premium option includes all of those features plus legacy coaching each month and a printed manuscript.

The team at Legacy Year is looking to raise capital needed for their platform with the help of backers, who are receiving exclusive perks such as the standard version of Legacy Year, VIP legacy coaching, Legacy Year premium, and even a legacy night complete with dinner with a top chef, live legacy coaching, and more.

According to Legacy Year’s team, they hope to create a platform that will honor the tradition of respecting elders and yielding to their wisdom while creating systematic approaches to other milestones and events that people want to document.

“When you think about the people in your life that you care for the most, I would imagine you want what is best for them,” said the team at Legacy Year. “They need your stories, insights, and wisdom. There is no greater blessing than sharing your life, and there is no greater way of sharing your life than to share your stories.

More information about Legacy Year can be found at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/872879511/legacy-year?ref=68e0gq.

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