Scrubbing The Web Clean: ContentRemoval.Com Talks Hallmarks Of Efficient Content Removal Services

Online content removal services are in great demand, however, as experts say, the industry is tarnished by those making great promises and delivering little to no results. Mr. Frankie Lee, Owner of, the leading online content removal provider in the industry, recently spoke about how to differentiate the “salesmen” from the “doers”, who have both the knowledge and tools needed to remove damaging content from the web.

“It’s one of the things one might think they don’t need – until they do,” said Mr. Frankie Lee. “There are times when browsing the internet can be like opening Pandora’s Box: a simple web search can lead to upsetting revelations, either with regards to online reputation or financial losses. This is where we come in.” specializes in the removal of images; videos; eBooks; course content; explicit and harmful content; revenge sexual material; impersonation of social accounts; copied content; blogs; websites; web pages; auction listings on eBay and other auction sites; copyright and trademark infringement, and more.

“As we like to say, we aren’t a jack of all trades; we are a master of one, and that is Content Removal. I have personally invested thousands of hours building systems and processes that actually give our clients the opportunity of removing online content. We provide our clients with a true and honest assessment on whether we believe the content is truly removable, as well as with a rough estimation of the time needed to remove it. We would also never take on a client unless we are 100% certain that we can add massive value by assisting them. Unlike others, we never make mythical claims like being able to remove online content within 24 hours. Instead, we deliver tangible results which improve our client’s lives; their business, and their sales.”

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