Movers Software has launched a moving calculator for the USA location based on the self-learning AI, the leading moving software provider, is pleased to announce the launch of a moving calculator for the USA location based on the self-learning AI known as “QQ moving”. QQ moving will gather moving-related data up till the April 2019. The goal is to shorten costs for one movement up to 20% of its price.

Several moving companies are faced with various types of problems that are associated with the nature of their business.  Some of these problems include:

  • inadequate item monitoring;

  • insufficient trucks supervision;

  • lack of inventory management;

  • prolongation of the estimation details;

  • preparations for a contract and so on.

Most of these problems have to be solved for the sake of survival and profitability of running a moving company.

Movers Software, after doing a thorough research on these problems and the effects they cause on moving companies has come up with a wide range of automated solutions. They’ve discovered that the implementation of automated software is the best solution for any moving company which goal is to become more profitable. One of such automated software is this moving calculator known as “QQ moving”.

If a moving company decides to get in touch with on how to automate their moving operations, Movers Software will begin with the complete analysis of the moving company. After a thorough analysis has been conducted, the problems to be solved will be identified accordingly. Afterward, a tailored-system based on the this information will be developed. It will ensure the profitability by attracting new customers as well as work process optimization.

It is so easy with “QQ moving” for a moving company to run effectively. This easy-to-use and straightforward tool gives the accurate and real-time estimated cost for both moving company and their clients with the selection of most suitable transport, as well as with the calculation of each room separately. It displays orders for both administrators and clients with detailed information coupled with an appropriate Invoicing system. The premium services this calculator provides will increase employee’s productivity and save needed time.

QQ moving offers a trial version which will allow a moving company to give it a try and then purchase it in case its services will be exactly what was needed. Based on the years of experience of Movers Software, any company that tries QQ moving will definitely see improvements in their operations as well as see drastic improvements of the profits.


Movers Software is a company that is concerned with helping moving companies to achieve profitability through the creation of systems with functions needed for making sales. They provide modern, practical, and profitable solutions for all categories of moving companies. The solutions they provide includes scheduling, dispatching, accounting, as well as reporting tools management, leads and resources for local, interstate and international moving companies.

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