Manahel Thabet Ph.D. – President of Economic Forum for Sustainable Development, a self-made woman who achieved the impossible

As said by Kavita Ramdas “The world needs women who are so strong, who can be gentle, so educated who can be humble, so fierce who can be compassionate, so passionate who can be rational, and so disciplined who can be free.”

This generation has been privileged to have so many great women and Manahel Thabet is one of those women. She has been bold enough to come out of all odds to become successful. She has traveled around the world and acquired some skills in business, science and humanitarian arenas, which she took no time to implement.


Manahel Thabet has repeated success of transforming vision into reality, executing on respectable ideas and building them to be of great profit, industry-dominating businesses. Create pioneering, high-performance local, regional and global teams that thrive and excel in a motivational culture of mentoring, hands-on training, and support. Unique and valuable early financial-sector career; confidently and boldly interface with regulators, governments, and agencies, both domestically and internationally, as well as with Private sector, to skilfully convert regulatory and public policy opportunities into win-win scenarios.

Everywhere Dr. Manahel has been to; she has been very passionate about her career which has contributed to making her even more successful. Her persistence, confidence, and her relationship with people have made her a valuable and reliable woman leader capable of inspiring momentum to businesses. Being a woman, managing stress can be challenging, but, Dr, Thabet made stress not a big deal, she has been able to take up complicated responsibilities and she has done well in every aspect.

Manahel Thabet Ph.D. is ranked among the top 30 smartest people alive by SuperScholar, was awarded the Genius of the Year 2013 by the World Genius Directory representing ASIA and Brain of the Year Award Winner 2015-2016.

Thabet is the Founder and President of SmartTips Consultants, President (Middle East and North Africa/MENA) of The Brain Trust Foundation. She is also the president of the World IQ Foundation, Vice President of the World Intelligence Network (WIN), Deputy Director of the Institute for Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition and Vice-Chancellor of The Gifted Academy.

In 2014, she was selected the AVICENNA Award Laureate as a successor to Professor Tony Buzan given every year to those who present best practice in science, connecting East with West through science and knowledge. In 2015, Dr. Thabet surprisingly broke a new Guinness World Record in 2015 in one of the most complicated teaching methods of the largest memory lesson in the world. 

In 2012, Dr. Thabet was the Chairperson of the Scientific Committee, Recommendation Committee and Senior Adviser to the International Asia Pacific Giftedness Conference held in Dubai – UAE.

Dr. Thabet is also the winner of Middle East Achievement Awards in Science and was ranked among the 100 most powerful Women in the Middle East and most powerful 500 Arabs in the World by Arabian Business. Dr. Thabet is a Royal Grand Cross Officer of the Companionate of the White Swan and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine in London, UK. In 2016 she was presented with the prestigious honor of Freedom of the City of London and Dame-hood of Saint Catherine of Sinai. She was also featured among the BBC most inspirational 100 women around the world.

Being an ideal strong woman, she has been able to utilize all the things that God has given her, no wonder she’s now the President of Economic Forum for Sustainable Development. An initiative launched from the Mother of all Parliaments in UK with the Parton of APPG for Yemen. The initiative was launched as the highest economic forum launched so far to assist her war torn country. In brief and as quoted by her personally “I didn’t find a hero so I became one.” If we can address women in leadership in its only shape and form, it should be summarized as Manahel Thabet putting into consideration she is a self made iconic middle eastern woman.  

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