SoRa – Revolutionizing the Watch Industry

A Timepiece that is Unique, Stylish, and Affordable

Kowloon, Hong Kong – Jan 12, 2015 – DELTAt, a small start up company of watch enthusiast in Hong Kong has launched the first pilot watch in crowdfunding history. The new collection is called SoRa and is an authentic timepiece that has redefined the standard of pilot watches. After their third generation prototype of SoRa Pilot watches, they are ready to begin manufacturing. DELTAt has launched an IndieGoGo Campaign to raise capital to manufacture and sell the high-quality, yet affordable pilot watches.

All watch lovers around the world understand the struggle of finding a nice valuable watch at a cost-effective price. Finding a decent priced watch typically means the material and quality is compromised. The team at DELTAt believes in bringing quality watches to the public that is reasonably prices so everyone can share the joy of having a fashionable watch.

In the world of modern accessories for both men and women, the notable pilot watch does not receive the attention it deserves. This unique watch not only is attractive, but also is useful and made for bomber pilots during World War I could time their attacks on the enemy with accuracy and precision. The watches must be a decent size and large dial so it can be read with ease, a specially designed large crown to accommodate the pilots wrist as they wear gloves, its incredible precise time setting even up to the seconds with a hacking seconds function, and durable long straps.

DELTAt is committed to providing only quality watches and has already run through two generations of SoRa prototypes. The final version is the third generation, which will be the one manufactured. SoRa collection has 4 models: 1939, Stealth, Drone, and Eagle. These remarkable designs can be viewed at their website. Each watch is made with stainless steel has manual or automatic winding and its accuracy is -20 to approximately +40 seconds per day with its innovative hacking seconds function. This function allows individuals to stop the second hand to match time up to the second. Designed with 24 jewels, brushed finishing, and all Sapphire Crystal has an anti-reflective coating, and a convenient tooless-strap-changing system. The watches will come with one genuine fine Crazy Horse Leather strap with a removable base, a genuine fine leather straps, and a military style Nato strap. SoRa is perfect to wear anywhere and for any occasion because it is water-resistant up to 200m/660ft.

The creators already have a trusted manufacturer that they visit every week to ensure the process is reliable, precise, and smooth. The goal is to be done manufacturing the watches by the middle of July of this year and be ready to ship no later than October. However, with using such quality material, the cost is much cheaper if they are able to manufacture the watch in larger quantities to keep the overall retail cost of the item at an affordable price.

Campaign contributions from backers will be used to fund manufacturing and get the first shipment of watches ready so the rest of the world can enjoy this lovely timepiece. Supporters of the campaign will receive a discount rate on SoRa watches, which are retailed at $450 USD. Internationally shipping is free. The goal is to raise a minimum of $10,000 by February 20th, 2015.

Do not miss out on a chance to be part of this radical change in the fashion accessories industry. To show support, visit their campaign.

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