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Athens – Selfpree is the idea of 4 young people that will change the way any professional works. It is an innovative portable electronic device that operates as a mini printer, which is wirelessly connected through Bluetooth to a tablet, smartphone or computer. Its size and shape reminds of a regular automatic stamp, which has been the original inspiration for the designer team to create Selfpree. 

The team consists of Antonis Tzouganakis, economist, who originally inspired the idea, Dimitris Kolovos, industrial informatics engineer, who envisioned the implementation of it, Aitzan Sari, embedded systems engineer, who proceeded with the configuration and execution, and last but not least Eleftheria Cheila, marketing specialist, who dealt with the business development and the marketing of the product. 

The operation of Selfpree is totally easy. The user chooses through a variety of functions in the application he has installed in his tablet, mobile or computer,  selects the desirable data and prints over any given surface, while he has the ability of preview in the monitor it disposes. Moreover, Selfpree features an internal memory for autonomous use, reducing printing time.

Selfpree has a lot of practical functions, which can make any professional work much easier. Here are some of them:

Business Card

Forgot your business card? Print your business information on everything. Need to attach your business info on a brochure or products catalog? Use the language you need accordingly.

Envelop Labeling/Shipping info

Have a pile of envelops/packages on your desk to mail to your customers? Need to write the shipping details on them? Print them directly and professionally on the spot.


Tired of those stamps on your desk?

Lousy and unprofessional look on formal documents?

Barcode/QR code

Print the barcode of the product instantly on them.

Manage and organize your warehouse fast and easy.

Members/Club Card

Print the members/club card instantly. No unprofessional handwriting.

Company Logo

Print your company logo on everything.

Digital Sign

Use the touch display of your smart device to sign on everything perfectly.

Name label (conference/meeting)

Instantly print your business info on the card.


Print discount coupons.

CD/DVD Labeling

Print titles and information tags directly on the media

Selfpree is still at the stage of development and the team runs a crowd funding campaign in Indiegogo. They aim in reaching their target and set the conditions for the manufacturing of the product.

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