Reading Saving Children from Life of Crime and Poverty

Ontario, California, – More than 250 million children globally are illiterate. The United States Department of Justice stated, the link between academic failure, delinquency, crime, and violence is connected to reading failure. Most of the juveniles that interface with children’s court system are functionally illiterate. Globally, children illiteracy rates are likely to continue surging if the issue fails to receive immediate and sustained attention. 

The current society has a poor reading culture as such one finds few children engrossed in books. Uplifted Hands, a non-profit organization, endeavors to promote a culture of reading where every child should have a book to read because children that read succeed. The organization calls on supporters to champion the cause to increase reading and literacy rates by joining their efforts. 

Dr. Tasia Eraseren, Uplifted Hands Executive Director states, “Our programs work to enhance youth self-esteem, academic achievements, and confidence in their abilities to transform the world.” Students have a chance to explore different books to enhance their reading, and problem-solving skills. Uplifted Hands focuses on the reading of popular and literary fiction such as nonfiction books, electronic, and printed texts. Dr. Eraseren states, “Books expand our world by causing us to imagine and think in ways we never did before. For a child, reading opens the door to endless possibilities.” 

“We thought how we could connect youth globally while increasing academic achievement,” says Dr. Eraseren. The answer was Uplifted Hands to create global programming such as reading, writing, and digital learning programs where we can connect youth globally to help share the experience while exploring books from around the globe. 

Dr. Eraseren continues to say, “We work to inspire, empower, and support youth globally with the intent of achieving educational success.” The organization promotes a culture to read globally as literacy is the route to success.

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