Delivers Affordable Sleep Apnea Care Therapy Devices & Supplies

Las Vegas, NV –, a revolutionary online seller of reconditioned and new CPAP devices, is pleased to announce that it delivers affordable sleep care solutions for Sleep Apnea sufferers, such as at-home sleep testing, clinical support, and supplies for PAP users.

The concept grew out of Principal Jim Boyle’s own first-hand experience while treating Sleep Apnea Patients with PAP Therapy. “The experience for patients was completely frustrating, a hassle, getting the runaround with many delays for a much needed therapy,” he said.

With the current market for Sleep Apnea therapy, “unnecessarily complicated and inefficient,” aims to keep a “low-cost approach to eliminate the obstacles as a treatment provider for millions of Sleep Apnea sufferers nationwide,” says Boyle.

According to Boyle’s experience, “Many Sleep Apnea sufferers can’t even afford the deductibles for a CPAP machine, let alone to fix it when it breaks down out of warranty. Sleep Apnea care became more expensive and less caring.”

With general statistics showing 1 in 5 adults in the U.S. are estimated to have some form of Sleep Apnea, proper treatment is at a staggering failure rate. Untreated sleep disorders have been known to have serious health consequences, including increased risk for diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke. was created to bypass these consumer challenges in the Healthcare industry, such as the common maze of insurance reimbursement, and treat Sleep Apnea Patients.

“Because Great Sleep Shouldn’t Cost a Fortune.”

The goal is to connect with Healthcare Providers to provide reconditioned and new Sleep Apnea devices for sale, such as: CPAP, BiPAP,   and Advanced PAP delivery systems to Sleep Apnea Patients with Complex Sleep Apnea and Respiratory Insufficiency.

Their Sleep Specialists are a team composed of experienced Respiratory Therapists and Sleep Disorder Technicians who repairs, replaces, cleans, refinishes and recalibrates parts in each machine so they are all like new.

In order to meet the needs of Sleep Apnea Patients, offers CPAP machines as low as $99, with flexible PayPal payment plans from a valid prescription. Warranties are available on used and new machines.

Check out the vast selection of Sleep Apnea devices and supplies at the website, To talk more in person with’s Sleep Team, call (833)-757-7233 toll free.

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