Amsco Installs Low Flow Mist Systems that Effectively Fight Fires and Save Costs

East Sussex, UK – Most people have an image of traditional sprinkler systems with their bulky headpieces and intense spray of water. However not many people have heard of an environmentally friendly and gentle alternative that still provides the same fire protection. Amsco Fire Ltd have an alternative, this is called a low flow mist system and it includes some perks that are not available in the traditional system.

Amsco Fire Ltd are a company that specialises in installing low flow mist systems, particularly fire sprinklers in Devon and Exeter. These systems are an ideal match for those who want to be in their home or company office for as long as possible. The mist system uses up to 70% less water than the traditional system. Not only is this eco-friendly but it also lessens the risk of water damage significantly and makes recovery easier. The mist heads are also smaller, look less invasive, and are tamper resistant.

Another benefit is that these mist systems require less piping. Installations are much easier, and therefore the entire system is cost effective.

The mist fire sprinklers work in a specific way to fight the fire. They distribute smaller droplets of water at a higher velocity. The droplets vary in their size, which allows them to fight the fire in their own unique way. Amsco Fire Ltd have created these sprinklers to tackle the problem from all the possible angles.

Much like the traditional alternative, they immediately begin to work as soon as they detect a fire. However, the water in Amsco’s model comes out at a more efficient and effective way. This saves the customer money in water bills and electricity costs.

If interested in the low flow mist system, Amsco Fire Ltd has a case study that they completed at Wyvern School that shows the benefits of this system. They also have a fact sheet that compares the mist system with the traditional fire sprinkler system.

For more information about this system, other options available, check out their website at Amsco Fire Ltd lists their full range of services for fire sprinklers in Exeter and Devon ( for customers in these areas who could benefit from their environmentally efficient system. Amsco Fire Ltd.’s team are happy to answer any questions about their system via email or phone call to either of their two locations.

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