Nature – The dawn of a new beginning, the future of a connected world has arrived

Since the history of mankind, no matter the 15th century’s Age of Discovery, 18th century’s Industrial Revolution or 21st century’s rise of internet, human society have a pattern of world-changing revolution every 300 years, bringing seismic impacts both opportunities and challenges. Tracing the roots behind these events, all of them have a purpose of bringing people closer to each other and better cooperation. From individuals to tribe, towns, cities and countries, this is an expanding network of connections; adding to the events of Age of Discovery and Industrial Revolution, international trading across national borders had expanded to every corners of the Earth. 

Connection and cooperation is the ideal strategy for the advancements of mankind; while segregation and barriers were proven to be the worst option. 

Nowadays the most impactful line in the world is not the national borders anymore, in fact, it is the 1 million kilometres fibre optic cables, 1.5 million kilometres railway tracks, 2.5 million kilometres oil pipelines, and 70 million kilometres of highways. Moreover, these infrastructures that connects people to people, area to area, and nations to nations are estimated to double up in the near 40 years. 

On the other hand, the rise of internet aligning with global market movements and technology advancement have connected billions of people, things, and institutions around the globe to reach a new height of interconnected network between mankind.  These complicated connections results in massive changes and reshaped the scene, driving everyone living in this revolutionary moment to the dawn of a new era. 

For the past thirty years, we had seen tremendous growth and advancement in economy and technologies, largely due to the improved network of finance. When the finance network expands, it enables the funding of large scale research, production and commerce activities; these simultaneously result in more profits and continues into a healthy loop of endless development. 

Looking at the next thirty years, this blooming economic society would need to constantly reducing its entropy and this reduction effort relies on the coordination formed by the human network, such as:

– Tencent and Facebook as network for social communication

– Baidu and Google as network for information search

– Alibaba and Amazon as network for commodity trade

– Wikipedia as network for knowledge compilation

– Ctrip and Airbnb as network for travel

– DiDi and UBER as network for transport

– even fitness activities have applications like Keep as its data network. 

These connections between human not only redefines the structure of our social, commerce, and assets network; but also gives us a renewed perception on perspective, way of thinking, and value. Abiding to the belief of communication and mutual cooperation for the advancement of civilization, “SmartGlobe” launched a pioneering venture in 2016 to connect the fragmented society and sustain human’s infinite demand for liberty and prosperity. 

Through the construction and promotion of SmartGlobe gaming community, we simulated the effects of various elements on a realistic commerce model; by limiting the competition with fair rules and expanding the cooperation content in a dynamic pattern, we aim to achieve the inherent “cooperation and mutual benefit” nature of commerce. 

In response to technology innovations and market conditions, this simulation model will be updated regularly. By utilizing its multi-functional social communication application, we can achieve the dynamic balance of value creation and interest return, and further train participants’ business thinking and behaviour habits. 

When the human network reaches a certain magnitude, under these three elements’ superposition effect (time scale, circulated trade, and accumulated knowledge), we will gradually create:

– An autonomous organization that builds a mutual win-win situation

– A negative entropy system with a dissipative structure

– A digital asset scarce in the future world 

The SmartGlobe construction plan is a systemic project instead of a linear project. Simultaneously, there are multiple support points that are independent yet interrelated, including but not limited to gaming communities, multi-agency institutions, commissioners, science laboratories, and blockchain asset exchanges. “Nature” is the product created when these multiple support points matured. It will utilize the technologies of distributed ledger, decentralized trust, asymmetric encryption, time stamp, smart contract, etc… as the “fuel” to the entire construction plan. Not only this will stimulate the enthusiasm of multiple builders but also gives clear benefits and value; plus, rather than just a trading medium, it also strives to become a digital asset of the new era’s Internet through time accumulation and broad consensus. 

All value generation are inseparable from its time accumulation period. Based on a mature and controllable technology, Nature has gradually developed the market growth logic modules; it also generates value over multiple stages and scenarios based on its community’s expansion and development: 

a) Certification of rights – a certificate that grants user credential to open the Super Toolkit with their corresponding grades of access; this empowers the “Super Player” in the gaming community construction, saving time and cost and achieving highly-efficient management operations 

b) Commercial access – invited to become a supplier partner of commercial channels; apply to set up independent shops, exclusive fee-charging communities; launch Dapp (Decentralised Application) and DAOs decentralised autonomous organization

c) Payment medium – widely used as payment currency on the entire ecosystem for physical goods, paid services, and virtual goods

d) Social Communication – Sending emotional sentiment in the form of red envelopes, rewards, etc., and strengthening community cohesion

e) Digital assets – maps to the main blockchain and allows global circulation

f) Ecological profit sharing – dividing the profit generated by the overall ecosystem by users’ stake held 

In this era of great revolutionary changes, the key to survival and development does not depends on individual strength anymore but on whether it is linked to a value-growth network.

Everyone who lives in the old world, adhering to practices of fighting alone and segregation barriers will be rendered insignificant by the revolution.

Everyone who embraces the new era, advocating for mutual connection and cooperation to build a win-win situation will be instrumental in the new world. 

Dawn breaks, the future is here – Nature will connect the world and reshape the future with you.

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