Serenity Recovery Center Offers First Time Detox

Serenity Recovery Center offers First Time Detox for those who are entering a detox program for the first time. The center provides clients with the tools and support they need to finish their treatment. Serenity’s team of mental health specialists and healthcare practitioners helps clients through the withdrawal process and address any medical concerns or medical needs that may arise during the treatment process.

Addiction is a chronic disease that affects behaviour and brain functions. Although the treatment process is not easy, the right treatment method will help a person recover completely and prevent a relapse.  Addiction treatments help the person stay drug-free, energy and productive in all aspects of life. Serenity offers a residential program that can improve the patient’s comfort and provide constant medical monitoring to ensure that their detox is both comfortable and safe. Since the patient will stay at the facility, they won’t have access to the substance. This reduces the risk of relapse and shortens the detox process as well. Complications can also be identified and treated immediately.

Serenity’s comprehensive drug detox and alcohol detox program is tailored to the individual needs of their patients. Since it is a supervised detox program, patients are provided with the best therapies and medical protocols. They are given the highest level of care and luxury accommodations to ensure their comfort, emotional balance and safety. Serenity’s staff also works hard to create an environment that promotes tranquillity, harmony, compassion and respect. Patients can focus on the detox program in a peaceful environment where they receive the compassion and support they need. Serenity’s lowest staff-to-client ratio also means that patients receive the personalized care necessary to successfully complete in the first step of their recovery journey.

Their detox program addresses the patient’s emotional needs, comfort level and medical requirements. It also includes psychological therapies. A patient undergoing a detox program can experience various emotional, physical and mental that can make it hard to complete the process without relapsing. They may feel overwhelming guilt, despair and shame during the recovery process. Serenity is equipped with the right tools and staff to handle all these factors. They have master level clinicians who can encourage greater confidence, self-esteem and improved health.

Non-traditional therapies are also offered to heal not only the patient’s body but also their mind and soul. Some of these non-traditional therapies include meditation, acupuncture and yoga. Serenity offers discharge planning to help patients stay on their continuum of care once they leave the facility. They also help relapsed patients complete the detox process safely and as comfortable as possible. While there’s no guarantee in recovery, Serenity does everything possible to adjust the patient’s treatment program to eliminate the possible risk factors and triggers that led to their relapse.

About Serenity Recovery Center

Serenity Recovery Center is an addiction treatment center that specializes in the detox process. They help patients deal with various substances and prepare for addiction treatment. Serenity understands how important the detox process is. That is why they consider various factors when creating a detox program such as the severity of the addiction and the amount of substance in the body. Serenity provides detox programs for those with alcohol, fentanyl, ecstasy/molly, DXM/cough syrup, prescription drug, oxycodone, cocaine/crack, meth/Adderall and heroin addiction.  They also help patients with a dual diagnosis. Serenity helps them eliminate the substance from their system and provides the necessary medical support to keep the patient’s mental disorder in check.

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