27-Year-Old Actress Finally Takes Over Top Spot on Chinese Social Media after her Protagonist in a Period Show

Hamburg, Germany – To real stars, the shining time might be late, but will never be absent. The main actress of the most Googled TV show of 2018 “Story of Yanxi Palace” – Wu Jinyan, won a huge popularity after years of dedication in TV industry.

Someone may say she finally had a taste of what successfulness is. The Story of Yanxi Palace revolves hatred, intrigue, revenge, poisoning rivals and killing babies.

The series has been streamed more than 15 billion times on iQiyi, China’s Netflix-like site where the show premiered in July, 2018, before it reached domestic TV channels. It took over the top spot of online drama in China for 39 consecutive days.

“I am quite a bitterness digger. It seems like I had an interest in harsh challenges,” she said, in a self-sarcastic way, “I would say I had quite a lot of common with Weiyingluo (the character name in the TV series), in terms of enduring, and we both made it at last.“

Started to learn dancing at the age of 6, got admitted to the middle school of Beijing Dance Academy to study ballet at the age of 10, worked the Central Ballet at the age of 17, and got enrolled to the Beijing Film Academy at the age of 19. After eight years of inaugural debut, she became a member of the new generation of leading actress.

Starts with outside beauty, ends with inside powerfulness

“People sometimes consider me as a combination of appealing appearance, talent, and sensation. But I never assume that, I think those complements are nice approaches that worth me working on.”


Her appearance does not symbolize the standard definition of beautiful woman. However, when Wei Yingluo was wearing a maid costume and standing with the palace lady who entered the palace together, even if the appearance was not outstanding, she was always able to discover her at a glance in the crowd.

Concept of Love

What I learned from Wei Yingluo, is that she has been pursuing an independent personality, which is also important for a girl. She always knows to calm herself when it’s needed.

In the latest issue of “The Wonderful Story”, Wu Jinyan’s views on love made the guests and hosts present nod to praise. When the host asked her in amazement, “Are you really not in love?”, she was shy to say that these were all learned in Wei Yingluo. When facing the topic of love, she will always be as shy as every girl, but she still has her own unique insights.

New role

“You know me all from the role, and I will love every character I play. This is a direction I have always asked myself.”


In the new releasing TV series “Waitan Zhong Sheng”, Wu Jinyan plays the second main role-Du Xinmei, she has refreshing spirits, even though she is slightly younger and less experienced than other co-acting actress in the drama, she can always find a way to be spotted by the audiences. In the other two unreleased period dramas – “Beauty Hao Lan” and “Chao Ge”, in which she played the role of the mother of the First Emperor of Qin Dynasty and The Last Woman of Shang Dynasty.

New Start

In addition to her acting as an actor, Wu Jinyan has her own opinion and expressiveness on fashion. Not long ago, in collaboration with the fashion magazine – Xiaozi CHIC, she changed her cute style to a set of a dark red dress and long hair.

The wrist is paired with a.b.art watch – a Swiss-made brand with its aurora collection. Deep ocean blue and the timeless elegance, perfectly match her dark color outfit, representing an image of powerful, independent and confident woman.

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