CBI Bank: a new challenge bank enables U.S-China relation growth

On January 21, CB International Bank LLC (CBI Bank:www.cbibank.com), a new growing challenge bank, showcased as one of the key sponsors in Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the Normalization of U.S-China Relations held by the Carter Center in Atlanta, U.S. CBI Bank (SWIFT code: CBLBPRSJ) was founded to mainly support the small and medium-sized enterprises grow with more efficient and cost-effective financial services.


The commemorating event is organized to examine the past, analyze the present, and seek a new framework to manage the future of U.S-China relations. Over the course of the three-day event, keynote speeches and insightful views are shared across panels by some 79 experts on U.S-China relations from the Carter Center, Fordham University, the Kettering Foundation, the Chongqing Institute of Financial Studies at Renmin University, and the National Committee on U.S-China Relations. In general, consensus was reached that the relation will turn to the positive direction in the future.

The ongoing strenuous trade relations between the U.S and China has placed the global economy in a serious crisis of trust and heightened a broad spectrum of urgent challenges. Investors abroad are, consequently, experiencing a historically hard time in both trading and financial aspects. Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, who face considerable difficulties obtaining fast, stable, and cost-saving banking services.

Recently, CBI Bank has stepped into the market as a new solution provider tailored to the needs and demands of small and medium-sized companies. CBI Bank is a fintech startup in commercial bank segment,  registered and operating in the U.S and got the license under Federal Reserve regulation.

This year’s commemorating event marks CBI Bank’s arrival as one of the key sponsors. CBI Bank founder, Mr.Jiangtao Sun, and Co-founder and Chairman of Board, Mr. Sam Su, were both privileged and honored to present during the event. They made close connections engaging with opinion leaders and participants, while also exchanging views on the bilateral relation from banking sector’s perspective.

“Traditionally, small and medium-sized enterprises have made key contributions to U.S-China trade, but have received limited efficient and cost-effective services from the giant international banks. CBI Bank wants to take this opportunity and responsibility to provide services for these needs, and that’s why we are here. Most importantly, this will definitely enable the U.S-China relations to grow again,” says Mr. Jiangtao Sun.

Mr. Sam Su also noted that “this hindered their enthusiasm to some extent and when it comes to the hard times now, they are facing a more fierce challenge to survive. To get more efficient banking services, it is so demanding, and CBI Bank is just the right choice here.”

CBI Bank’s website introduces the company as providing whole, flexible international banking service, including online accounts for companies and individuals on savings, foreign currency transfers, loans for consuming and business, and also asset management.

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