OPHABY, the innovative new exchange integrates hardware with the platform to provide securer trading experience

The cryptocurrency revolution has given birth to a number of crypto exchanges, however, not all of them offer a secure trading platform for the users. Every day, a number of exchanges are falling prey to the cyber attacks, hacking, phishing and intrusion which is why the new OPHABY exchange is taking the necessary measures to provide a secure trading experience to the users. It integrates hardware mechanism with the exchange for cryptocurrency transactions and storing cryptographic assets for drastically reducing the risk of cyber-attacks. It gives utmost priority to the security of the users and implements strict preventive measures to provide a safe, secure and compliant process for every trade and purchase on the platform.

Due to improper security for users to deposit and transfer their funds, several exchanges today are facing attacks and security breach which can together cost multi-million dollars to the crypto industry. OPHABY strives to overcome this issue by providing one of the safest exchanges for ICO market sign-up and getting access to the upcoming listings to securely trade on the platform.

OPHABY integrates the OPHABY hardware wallet with robust safety features to prevent any sort of security breach and protect all the crypto assets of the users. The traders can access the OPHABY exchange without OPHABY hard wallet too but with the latter, they will get an extra layer of security compared to regular users.

Through OPHABY’s Email and Messaging feature, the customer can make a group chat or private chat and share content in a fast and secure manner.  The platform implements Multi-Factor Authentication for secure login. It also allows copying an available profile to automatically execute trades for the user. In addition, the UI customization option enables the user to make their own selections about what they want to see and set preferences for how the information is displayed.

OPHABY also allows the user to integrate with multiple exchanges and view the total amount of coins available in their account. The exchange supports Multi-Currency trading and the user can choose their base coin from BTC, ETH,OPY or USDT and trade in various coins such as BTC, ETH, USDT, NEO, OPY etc. OPHABY will hold their ICO from 1st March 2019 to April 9, 2019. The Soft Cap for the OPHABY Token Sale is $14 Million USD, with a Hard Cap of $17 Million USD. In their private sale, the company collected $3.5 Million.

More information is available at OPHABY.com

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