Jay Chou, the most influential singer of the year of Kugou has now taken over the screen at Times Square

On January 19, 2019, Jay Chou, the king of Mandarin pop from China, stepped onto the Nasdaq screen in Times Square, New York, and attracted attention from all kinds of media. It is reported that Jay Chou not only won the annual influential Mandarin singer of Kugou Music in 2018, but also got most “Like” in SNS during the “Just Songs” event, thus gaining this week-long overseas promotion opportunity.

Kugou Music is the biggest digital music platform in China, which has hundres of millions of active users. It’s characterized by having large amounts of songs, being full-featured and providing good sound quality. Kugou 2018 Music ranking, based on user big data, gave 20 comprehensive annual awards in perspectives of counts of played, album sales, comment counts, search counts, fan number , times of ranked in Top 500 on the site. Jay Chou won most influential Mandarin singer award in 2018 with his amazing appeal.

Subsequently, Kugou Music held a “Like” voting event for the Musicians who won the Kugou Music award in 2018. At the same time, “Just Songs” billboard were landed at airports in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and bus stations in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, attracted a large number of fans to vote “Like” by scanning QR code. During the two-week-long event, Jay Chou won more than 5.79 million “Likes”, surpassing other musicians such as Eason Chan and Alan Walker, and finally won the chance to appear at Times Square’s screens for a whole week.

Since the release of the first album “Jay”, Jay Chou has gradually become a pop king of Mandarin music with his extraordinary creative talent, diversified music style and unique singing voice, and even leaded Mandarin music to the world. According to Kugou Music, China’s largest digital music service platform, Jay Chou has released 14 albums and 154 singles in the past 19 years since his debut, which can be regarded as the representative of “Just Songs”.

In 2018, Jay Chou released two singles, “waiting for you” and “If You Don’t Love Me, It’s Fine”. The Lyric “My pectoral are for you to lean on” has become a popular phrase used by Chinese people all over the world. At Kugou music app, two songs accumulated 230,000 + positive comments, and many Kugou netizens said, “his song will make you feel that you are having a vigorous relationship with someone.”

Jan. 18 is Jay Chou’s 40th birthday. To help Jay Chou to appear on the Times Square screen in New York by wining “Just Songs” may be the best thanks by Kugou Music and Fans for Jay Chou’s contribution to Chinese music.

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