Drama Squad Jay is all up and about conquering the Music Industry

“The Los Angeles Times and New York Journal recognized rap artist, Drama Squad Jay, is releasing music and eBook, and is climbing up the ladder of success in an impressive rate!”

San Bernardino – The Music Industry has witnessed the latest addition to its great singers and rappers with the arrival of Drama Squad Jay, a San Bernardino rap artist. With the release of his much awaited and anticipated mixtape album called “Lani’s World”, the rapper has gained fame and name in the music industry. The album has been constituted of 9 tracks, which also includes his original “Recognize” featuring Wiz Khalifa!

Not only in the realm of music that he is striving, but also in the literary genre. Jay is also going to debut his very first yet extraordinary eBook named “The Right Way to Release Music”, on February 1, 2019. Receiving recognition from the famous Los Angeles Times recently, Jay has not ever ceased since in achieving success.

Drama Squad Jay is planning to release his second instalment of his successful artist compilation project “The Next Ones Boomin!” He is striving to be one of the most remarkable rapper of all time, and the path he has chosen which is of great hard work and dedication would surely get him to the topmost position very, very soon!

Jay’s promotion or marketing business is thriving like nothing else, with the association, help, and backed up by thousands of independent artists, regarding which he is not shy on showing his appreciation for these great souls. Moreover, Jay is also planning to win a few awards this June, this year, from Independent Music Awards in New York City.


Drama Squad Jay is a successful rapper, coming from the city of San Bernardino of California. This rap artist is taking hold of the music industry at an astonishing speed, and has already collaborated with other successful artists, who would swear by the goodness and talent of this amazing and amicable soul. 

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