Allen Lockser provides an avenue for fun with daily games streaming on his ShadowDunban Twitch channel

Allen Lockser with the nickname “ShadowDunban” sits between a few screens in his bedroom apartment daily having a good time playing live video games and then streaming it on Twitch. It’s his job to play live video games, and he’s been streaming it on twitch for about 9 years.

Twitch, acquired by Amazon in 2014 for $970 million has become a giant force in video games as well as e-sports. As at January 2017, Twitch streams have been watched for 355 billion minutes. Twitch is estimated to have 15 million daily active users and over 3 million exclusive broadcasters every month.

Allen Lockser loves having fun with his viewers. He streams mainly Nintendo games/Retro games for twitch and stream daily on twitch at 5:45 p.m eastern time. Also, he does fun Multiplayer games like Jackbox party packs with almost anybody. He is currently streaming two Single player games.

Thousands of viewers watch Allen Lockser play video games on his twitch channel named ShadowDunban.  ShadowDunban channel has been broadcasting daily for some few years now and has gained lots of loyal followers and its growing steadily due to its consistency. The general presentation of ShadowDunban is something new that other Streamers should be aware of, as he uses a variety of graphics to beautify the environment. Allen Lockser is a proud variety streamer that includes many past generations of games. If you’re looking for a way to relax and have fun ShadowDunban can give you what you need.

“For the past nine years, I’ve been working hard to be successful at Twitch Streaming. I love meeting new people, and I want to share my experience with them. The main aim now is to do charity streams for st.jude in the near future,” Allen Lockser said.

Anyone that wishes to join Shadow on twitch streaming journey, please go to his channel @ Available Platforms are Switch, Wiiu/Wii/Gamecube, Xbox one/360, Pc and PS4.

About Allen Lockser

Allen Lockser is the man behind ShadowDunban streaming channel on Twitch. He plays a variety of games and has been streaming for almost 9 years. He always tries to go for 100% in gameplay which sometimes may not be perfect, but his failures are always fun too.

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