The Funniest Friday Night Comedy Show in New York City Features CHARLIE BOY Movie Star Greg Kritikos

“By popular demand Astoria’s favorite comedian Greg Kritikos stars every Friday night at 8pm at The Broadway Comedy Club with his show BAGELS and BACKLAVA. Kritikos produces the funniest Friday night comedy show in NYC with the lovely Janice Messitte. The”
The Broadway Comedy Club is pleased to announce beloved standup comic and Astoria celebrity Greg Kritikos will be featured Friday nights at 8pm in his comedy show “Bagels and Baklava”. Kritikos, who stars in the upcoming comedy movie CHARLIE BOY, conceived “Bagels and Baklava” with fellow comedian Janice Messitte. The show presents a lineup full of the best comedians from New York City as seen on MTV, HBO, The Tonight Show, Comedy Central, The Daily Show, Last Comic Standing and more!

The Broadway Comedy Club is pleased to announce beloved comic and Astoria celebrity Greg Kritikos hosting and starring every Friday night at 8pm in his feature comedy show “Bagels and Baklava”.

Kritikos teams up with the lovely comic Janice Messitte to produce this popular night of comedy. “Janice is the Bagels to my Baklava,” comments Kritikos. “We’re like two kids always trying to out-laugh each other. I think it’s what keeps our show electrifying and special. And I love the fans who’ve made us so popular. To be invited to headline every Friday night; that’s amazing. Thank you all.”

Greg Kritikos, who has been compared to Jackie Gleason and James Cagney, has a devoted following and regularly tours the country—headlining wherever he goes. A prolific creative performer, Kritikos stars as the title role in the upcoming comedy movie CHARLIE BOY directed by Timothy Hines (10 DAYS IN A MADHOUSE – THE NELLIE BLY STORY, WAR OF THE WORLDS THE TRUE STORY) with Kelly Le Brock (WEIRD SCIENCE, WOMAN IN RED) as Donna and Burt Young (ROCKY, CHINATOWN, ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA) as Luca. Susan Goforth produced CHARLIE BOY with Kritikos and Dominick Martini served as Executive Producer.

CHARLIE BOY is a comedy of the heart where some bad guys become good guys. It follows the story of straight and sober recovering mobster Charlie Borakos (Greg Kritikos). Charlie now works as a standup comedian and, after many years of recovery and giving back to his beloved community of Astoria, Queens New York, he is still burdened by the guilt of his son’s death and friend Shake’s (Dave Morrissey Jr.) maiming due to his drinking, drugging and negligence of the past. So when good friend Tommy G’s gambling problem surfaces to the extreme and Charlie’s prior mob boss Big Angie moves back into town, Charlie’s benevolent attitude and knack for doing all he can to help others, turns misfortune into laughter and saves the day.

“CHARLIE BOY is a perfect egg of a movie,” states executive producer Dominick Martini, “We struck gold with Timothy Hines directing this feel good comedy and Susan Goforth producing. The team brought out the best in everyone involved and we’re particularly pleased with having the film be a platform to launch Greg Kritikos, who is so beloved in Astoria and NYC, into the national spotlight. Greg is a born celebrity with an enormous heart.”

BELOW: Greg Kritikos stars in the upcoming Timothy Hines comedy film CHARLIE BOY.

Go see Greg Kritikos in “BAGELS and BAKLAVA” this Friday at the Broadway Comedy Club:


Some Bad Guys Become Good Guys

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