Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® Explores An Improved Model for Employee Fitness and Engagement with Gympass

Los Angeles, CA – January 22, 2019 — Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® is pleased to announce an exclusive interview with Cesar Carvalho, Global CEO and Sean Flynn, US CEO of Gympass to discuss how their product intertwines fitness with employee retention and productivity.

Physical activity is the key to a long healthy life, and can boost productivity and engagement at work. Founded in 2012, Gympass partners with companies to offer employees unlimited access to thousands of gyms, studios and fitness centers worldwide with one membership. As a result, corporate clients see improved retention and productivity. Unlike a traditional membership, the Gympass benefit allows employees flexibility, better pricing and access to a number of facilities.

“Our mission is to defeat inactivity,” says Carvalho. “Gympass’s benefit helps employees find an activity to love. Our model is a win, win, win partnership that expands the market to everyone.”

“The core idea here is pleasure beats pressure,” says Flynn. “That you are more likely to become active by doing something you love. There’s a reason dance classes have lower dropout rates than gym memberships. That’s why we have over 800 different activities at thousands of gyms and studios.  Whatever it is that you like, we make it available.”

“This is a unique and innovative concept for businesses to offer to their employees,” says J.L. Haber, Vice President of Programming for Worldwide Business. ”Every employee is different and therefore should be able to access a workout and price point that’s right for them. By offering activities they love, I truly believe Gympass has hit the nail on the head.”

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