Branded by J. Otto Offers Clothing that is Uniquely Personal and Inspirational

The fashion industry is constantly evolving.  There are always new lines for each season, new styles entering the culture and new ways of marketing them.  Branded by J. Otto is a new company that cuts through the clutter of fashion memes and makes clothing special in an entirely personal and meaningful way.  Branded by J. Otto has taken some of the most timeless and all purpose clothes and attached inspirational quotes, personalized messages and unique videos to make them a very special gift.

Branded by J. Otto was recently founded by three lifelong friends who wanted to introduce Christian themes into the clothing industry.  After researching the field, they found that wearers are most amenable to active wear and are influenced strongly by the packaging.  They chose a line of active wear and designed a way to print a theme on the outside and a Christian verse on the inside of the pieces.  These tanks and jackets come in an elegant package that may have a personalized message and a link to a video.

This new way of personalizing clothes as gifts is likely to make a significant impact on the fashion industry, but Branded by J. Otto needs your help to launch.  The initial production run and startup costs are estimated at $80,000.  To raise these funds, Branded by J. Otto has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.  In return for backing this project, you may receive perks like digital screen savers, totes, e-devotionals, shirts, naming rights, speaking engagement, dinner with the Branded by J. Otto team, or tattoo on a founder. 

For more information about Branded by J. Otto or to make a donation, please visit

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